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Dear University Leaders and Sustainability Officers It is a great pleasure for us to inform you that the results of UI GreenMetric World University Rankings 2018 has been announced on Wednesday, 19th December 2018, 11am Jakarta time. The ranking results can be found in Rector of Universitas, Director General of Research from Ministry of Research and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia, and Head of Research and Development and Innovation from the Ministry of Forestry and Environment, Republic of Indonesia witness this year’s announcement. We have broadcasted the information in some international and regional newspapers and social media such as twitter and facebook, on December 19th, 2018. You are welcome to review the results. We thank 431 universities that have provided evidences for each question in our questionnaire and helped us to review the information provided. We congratulate all universities that have successfully shown improvement in their university infrastructure and constructive strategic measures to achieve SDGs in all aspects of their university teaching, research and third pillar of contribution to the society. We admire some strategic moves that have been made to create the most sustainable world campuses. We attach a fact file of your university submission, and a Certificate for your university participation this year. We have prepared a special ceremony for celebrating 10 best universities in the next International Workshop of UI GreenMetric which will be held in the beginning of April 2019 at the University College Cork Ireland. We hope that you could also present your achievement in the Workshop. We thank you for your wonderful enthusiasm shown by your university's team to participate in UI GreenMetric 2018, which can be noticed from your annual report. We wish you all the best in your future endevour in providing a world class sustainable campus. Yours Sincerely Prof. Riri Fitri Sari Chairperson of UI GreenMetric World University Rankings

The National Workshop on UI GreenMetric in France was held on November 15th, 2018 in Inseec U., Paris. The event began with a welcome speech from Mrs. Catherine Lespine (Rector of Inseec U.) followed by a keynote speech from Mr. Junaidi, MA (expert member of UI GreenMetric). Both speakers emphasized on the importance of collaboration in order to solve global sustainability problems. [caption id="attachment_6076" align="aligncenter" width="409"] Mr. Junaidi with Mrs. Catherine Lespine (Rector of Inseec U.)[/caption] The event continued with a presentation from Mrs. Baiduri Widanarko, Ph.D (expert member of UI GreenMetric). She presented the trends, challenges, criteria and indicators of UI GreenMetric and current development in UI GreenMetric World Universities Rankings Network. The next event was the signing of the declaration of participation on UI GreenMetric Network. There were 15 schools that have been committed to participate in UI GreenMetric Network. [caption id="attachment_6077" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The signing of the declaration of participation on UI GreenMetric Network[/caption] After lunch the program continued with a presentation about “Sustainable Development: New Growth Leverages, Innovation and Employment”. This session was moderated by Mr. Michel Ricard (Unesco Chair on Education Training and Research for Sustainable Development and Professor at Bordeaux University). Four speakers, namely Mr. Hocine Sadok (Dean of Economics, Social Sciences and Law, Universite de Haute Alsace), Mr. Gerald Majou (Director of Sustainable Development of Conference des Grandes Ecoles), Mrs. Yamna Djellouli-Tabet (Professor, Le Mans University and CNRS Research in Change of Sustainable Development and Energetic Transition), and Mr. Philippe Naccache (Professor, Inseec School of Business and Economics in Paris) presented their experiences with their sustainable campus development. [caption id="attachment_6078" align="aligncenter" width="409"] The speakers for "Sustainable Development: New Growth Leverages, Innovation and Employment"[/caption] The next session was about “Digitalization and Environmental Impacts for Campuses”. This session was moderated by Mr. Francois Germinet (Dean of  Universite Cergy-Pontoise). There were four speakers, namely Mr. Pierrich Bedouch (Associate Vice-President for Digital Infrastructure, Universite Grenoble-Alpes), Mr. Laurent Bertrandias (Professor Toulouse Business School), Mrs. Sylvie Faucheux (Dean of IFG Executive Education and Inseec U. Academic Innovation) and Mr. Christophe Baujault (Dean of ECE Paris). The UI GreenMetric team also had the opportunity to visit the campus of Inseec U. in the beautiful city of Paris.

The Chilean National Workshop on Sustainability was held on November 12th, 2018 at Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, San Joaquin Campus, Chile. The event was opened by Dr. Darcy Fuenzalida O'Shee, Rector of Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria and Mr. Junaidi, an expert member of UI GreenMetric. Prof. Riri Fitri Sari, chairperson of UI GreenMetric also gave an opening speech through a video conference. [caption id="attachment_6185" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Panelists presentation[/caption] The program continued with panelists presentation. The first session was delivered by The Government Representative, Mr. Fernando Nilo (Founder and President of Recyclápolis Foundation), and Mrs. Jimena Del Valle Núñez (Director of Sustainability and Communities of Entel). This session consists of sharing best practices of sustainability programs on campus or community. In addition to workshop, there were exhibitions regarding student activities related to sustainability, such as waste sorting, recycle, campaign for the environment, and developing cars with solar energy. [caption id="attachment_6186" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Solar-energy car development team[/caption] The second session of panelists presentation discussed about the role of universities in sustainability. The speakers included Maria Pilar Gárate (Director of Liaison and Coordinator of Women in Enginering Program, USM) and Oscar Mercado (President of Sustainable Campus Network, Universidad Austral). The next session was a keynote speech by Mrs. Baiduri Widanarko an expert member of UI GreenMetric. She presented the trends, challenges, and current development in UI GreenMetric. The event continued with the third session of panelist presentation. This session was a sharing session about the experience of sustainability programs implementation in universities. This session has four speakers, Mr. Francisco Urquiza (Sustainability Consultant), Mr. Cristopher Toledo (Coordinator of Sustainable Campus Management, UTEM), Mr. Junaidi (UI GreenMetric), and representative from Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria. After the presentation was completed, a representative of the director of the San Joaquin Campus gave a closing remark. The after session was a technical workshop to fill in the UI GreenMetric questionnaire. This session was guided by Mr. Junaidi and Mrs. Baiduri Widanarko. Participants were given an account name and temporary password to be able to fill the online questionnaire. [caption id="attachment_6187" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Participants of technical workshop[/caption] After the workshop was completed, the UI GreenMetric team had the opportunity to visit the campus of Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, San Joaquin Campus, Santiago.

The workshop for Latvian University were hosted by Riga Technical University in Latvia on October 5th, 2018. The themed was “Role of Latvian Higher Education institutions in achieving sustainability”. It was opened by a welcoming speech from the Rector of Riga Technical University, Prof. Leonids Ribickis. In the first session, UI GreenMetric Chairperson, Prof. Riri Fitri Sari, presented the trends and challenges current development in UI GreenMetric World University Rankings and Methodology. UI GreenMetric is a solution to the issue of sustainability by competing with each other and to improve the most sustainable campus in the world. Dr. Baiduri Widanarko, an Expert Member of UI GreenMetric, explained the procedure for inputting data with an online system, then explain about any process and procedure to fill out online questionnaire indicators. Declaration of Participation on UI GreenMetric World University Rangkings Network by 6 Universities in Latvia In the second session, themed “The Environmental Management System in The Higher Educational Institutions”, was chaired by Mr. Juris Iljins, Director of Quality Management & Documentation Processing Department Riga Technical University. The first speaker was Mr. Talis Juhna, Vice-rector of Riga Technical University. He represented topics on the concept of Green Campus at Riga Technical University (RTU) and the "green thinking" knowledge method that was applied through student activities and student events. The second speaker was Andris Stredels, Executive director of Rezekne Academy of Technologies, as the second speaker. He talked about the application of battery waste recycling by given it to third parties every day and how the government will provide rewards for buildings that conduct electricity monitoring. In 2016, Rezekne Academy of Technologies was awarded as the greenest region in Latvia. The third speaker was Mr. Uldis Valaris, a Head of Life Sciences & Technology from Biosystematics Institute Department of Daugavpils University. Daugavpils University in collaboration with the EU managed to renovate old buildings into new buildings that remain conserved. Daugavpils University has courses on environment & sustainability, they also gave signs in the form of reminder stickers to turn off the light switches if not used, separating types of organic and inorganic waste, and pressing waste paper by reducing email print. In the last session, themed “Practical Environmentally Friendly Tools in Higher Education Institution” was also chaired by Mr. Juris iljins, Director of Quality Management & Documentation Processing. The first speaker was Mr. Maris Klavins, Senate Chair of the University of Latvia. He conveyed that the University of Latvia pursues targets to improve the quality of education regarding sustainability in Latvia. The University of Latvia will also build a building with the Green Campus concept. Therefore, every study program is required to have several courses on sustainability. The second speaker was Mrs. Liene Briede, the Head of EIT Climate KIC HUB Latvia position. She talked about the exposure of the involvement of students and employees at the Climate KIC Project carried out by EIT Climate KIC HUB. EIT Climate KIC HUB seeks to move the knowledge triangle, including building a business, improving education, and increasing research centers on sustainability. The latest update regarding EIT Climate KIC HUB’s network has doubled increase in 2016. Currently, EIT Climate KIC HUB is focusing on working on climate-related and electricity-related projects. Prof. Riri Fitri Sari with Rector of Riga Technical University, Prof. Leonids Ribickis The third speaker was Mr. Janis Brizga, Chair of the Green Freedom Foundation was the third speaker for this session. He showcased that The Green Freedom Foundation considers in terms of quality, whether it is affordable and environmentally friendly in buying goods. In purchasing goods, the Green Freedom foundation has a benchmark for environmentally friendly standards for producers and consumers. The efficient will occur if the suppliers should consider environmental aspects, such as electricity use, water use, and fuel-efficient transportation. Prof. Riri Fitri Sari and Mr. Juris Iljins conveyed closing remarks at the end of the event. Subsequently, the team also conducted Kipsala Campus tours which include the visit to the aeronautics and machine research center, state of the art Student Dormitory, and the Design Laboratory System at the Faculty of Architecture Building.

On October 3rd, 2018, Prof. Riri Fitri Sari, Chair of UI GreenMetric, visited Wageningen University, Netherlands. She was welcomed by Mr. Peter Booman, Director of Facilities and Services. Mr. Joris Fortuin, the Head of Educational Facilities presented Wageningen University approach to sustainability. In his presentation he mentioned UI GreenMetric's influence in the strategic plan of Wageningen University and also explained the efforts of Wageningen University in sustainability to achieve the best position in UI GreenMetric 2017. Different aspect of university sustainability related offices was presented by a few staff member, including Mrs. Erna Waters. [caption id="attachment_6050" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Mr. Joris Fortuin presented Wageningen University approach to sustainability[/caption] The team showed Prof. Riri Fitri Sari to the Wageningen University Forum building accompanied by Mrs. Linde Berg, the staff of Wageningen University Green Office. A group of student leader in sustainability related organization were present to explain their various student organizations aims. [caption id="attachment_6051" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Prof. Riri Fitri Sari with a group of student leader in sustainability related organization[/caption] In the forum building, an energy-saving system and recycling of Green Office waste are also used. Waste management services are carried out in an integrated manner by sorting various types of waste with a large number of trash bins, which are ready to be processed outsourced and taken by teams from outside the campus. All garbage is weighed manually, and by using the android system, daily reports are sent to the server, to get garbage data managed and processed throughout the campus by an outsourcing company. A formal meeting was held with Prof. Arthur Mol, Rector of Wageningen University, at his office in the Atlas Building. Prof. Arthur Mol explained the condition of the sustainability program at Wageningen University and also gave a very high appreciation to UI GreenMetric. [caption id="attachment_6052" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Prof. Riri Fitri Sari with Prof. Arthur Mol[/caption] Visiting the Wageningen Campus field followed by seeing very futuristic World Soil Museum. Wageningen University has a large water absorption area, multilevel bicycle parking areas, and other green campus features. The visit to Student Farming, a garden managed by students to apply their knowledge was also conducted. [caption id="attachment_6055" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Sustainable greenhouse[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_6057" align="aligncenter" width="300"] World Soil Museum in Wageningen University[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_6053" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Visit to Student Farming in Wageningen University[/caption] The Sustainability Team of Wageningen University also showed us the facility management, a system to organize smart buildings in the entire building at Wageningen University. In addition, the system also used Building Information Management which is widely used in the Netherlands. It is evident that the Netherlands has digital data of existing buildings on its construction, electricity, mechanical and other facilities.

This event was The Second National Workshop of UI GreenMetric in Russia, hosted by People’s Friendship University Russia (RUDN), to introduce UI GreenMetric and experience exchange, sharing best practice in the latest sustainability efforts at each university. The entire event was held on 24 November 2017. The National Workshop activities was started at 10:00 a.m. Moscow time. The opening ceremony was opened with a welcoming speech from Prof. Margarita Redina, Dean of Ecological Faculty, RUDN-University or representing RUDN-University Rector, followed by a welcome speech from by Prof. Tommy Ilyas, expert member of UI GreenMetric and representative of chairperson of UI GreenMetric. In the first session, Expert member of UI GreenMetric, Prof. Tommy Ilyas presented the trends and current development in UI GreenMetric World University Rankings and Methodology. It aimed to introduce more UI GreenMetric to workshop participants especially those who have not joined in 2016 UI GreenMetric Rankings. Subsequently, Dr. Nyoman Suwartha, Vice-Chair of UI GreenMetric, showcased indicators in details and UI GreenMetric data submission process, including login and data input in the UI GreenMetric 2017 online questionnaire. In the second session, the theme of this session was “Russian Universities in the GreenMetric Partnership. Prof. Margarita Redina chaired and represented her University in this session. The following of some presentations from invited universities until the end of workshop. Environmental policy of RUDN-University: first draft, was represented by Prof. Margarita Redina, Dean of Ecological Faculty, RUDN-University. Education for the sustainability in the National Research Irkutsk State Technical University, was represented by Dmitriy Savkin, National Irkutsk State Technical University. Project ennvironmental monitoring of RUDN Campus., was represented by Dr. Roman Mamadzhanov, senior lecturer RUDN-University. Project on environmental monitoring of RUDN campus: assessment of transport load, was represented by Polina Silaeva, Staff RUDN-University. Formation of the environmental culture in the universities: example of the RSSU, was represented by Marina Lebedeva, Russian State Social University. Sustainability projects for Russian Universities, was represented by Natalia Chudovzkaya, Green Movement of Russia “Eca”. Initiative: floating universities Initiatives for the sustainability in RUDN-University, was represented by Irina Golovachevs, Student, RUDN-University. Project on environmental monitoring of RUDN campus: vegetation monitoring results, was represented by Nadezhda Volkova, Student, RUDN-University.

On September 21st, 2018, a workshop on UI GreenMetric was conducted by The Conferenza dei Rettori delle Universita Italiane (CRUI) in Rome and attended by 32 universities. University of Bari Aldo Moro was represented by Prof. Paola Perchinunno and Dr. Monica Cazolle; University of Bologna was represented by Prof. Mirko Degli Esposti and Dr. Luciana Sacchetti; University of Bolzano was represented by Dr. Mario Burg; University of Genova was represented by Prof. Daniele Marre; L’Aquila University was represented by Prof. Tozzi Anna; University of Milano was represented by Dr. Monica Di Luca and Dr. Paola Galimberti; Bicocca University was represented by Dr. Biancu Bonaria; Pisa University was represented by Prof. Paolo Milazzo; University of Rome Luiss G. Carli was represented by Dr. Alessandro Lubicz; and other universities in Italy. Prof. Riri Fitri Sari, chairperson of UI GreenMetric attended the meeting as the representative of UI GreenMetric and the keynote speaker. The ranking session was led by Prof. Vittore. In this session, Prof. Riri Fitri Sari presented the development of UI GreenMetric World University Rankings and the activities of UI GreenMetric World University Rankings Network. The participants enthusiastically commit on the UI GreenMetric and asked different issue on the ranking of green campus worldwide. The workshop was held at the CRUI secretariat in Piazza Rondonini, near the Pantheon, Rome, Italy. There are three state universities located in Rome. The first one is Roma La Sapienza University which is the largest old University in Europe with 112.000 students located in the center of Rome; the second one is University of Rome Tor Vergata, a modern, stylish university at the end of the City of Rome; and the University of Rome Tre. During the visit to Italy, Prof. Riri Fitri Sari from UI GreenMetric was welcomed by the Vice-Rector of Roma La Sapienza University and the University of Rome Tor Vergata. [caption id="attachment_6176" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo session at Roma La Sapienza University[/caption] Roma La Sapienza University has the excellence in having clear drinking water network which has existed since thousand years ago. Other than that, the target for alternative energy and waste management have been made quite high. The Vice-Rector of Roma La Sapienza University, Prof. Livio de Santoli, who leads the sustainability program was assisted by Department of Architecture lecturers who also has concrete works on implementing Building Information Modeling to the Roma La Sapienza Campus. [caption id="attachment_6179" align="aligncenter" width="300"] At University of Rome Tor Vergata[/caption] A visit to the University of Rome Tor Vergata on September 24th, 2018, was coordinated by the ranking team Dr. Paola Constantini. The Vice-Rector for research, Prof. Silvia Licoccia explained about the attention of the University of Rome Tor Vergata to SDGs. The Rector of this university has been invited to the United Nations to report their achievement in renewable energy development. The University of Rome Tor Vergata also has a big Arbo Botanica garden which has been planted with Arberi trees for the past 2 years.

On July 19, 2018, the GreenMetric UI team represented by Prof. Tommy Ilyas and Prof. Gunawan Tjahjono attended the National Workshop on UI GreenMetric for Universities in Malaysia hosted by Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), the event took place at EDC Hotel Kuala Lumpur. This place was chosen because of its location in the Malaysian capital city and that the hotel is owned by UUM. This activity was attended by 19 Malaysian universities (i.e. Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Melaka (UTEM), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM), Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UNISZA), Universiti Islam Antarbangsa Malaysia (UIAM), Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Multimedia Universiti (MMU), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)). In general, the participants were those who play an important role in policy making and the implementation of the field of sustainability on their respective campuses such as Deputy vice chancellors, director, dean, instructor, academic quality assurance representative, facility and general affairs directorate officers. Before the event takes place, VIP guests gathered on the top floor (14th floor), Prof. Tommy and Prof. Gunawan had the opportunity to discuss with Prof. Prof. Dato’ Seri Dr. Mohamed Mustafa B Ishak, Vice Chancellor of UUM, Prof. Dr. Ayoib Che Ahmad, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Inovation) of UUM, and Assoc Prof M Farizal Rajemi, PhD, Director of Center International Affairs and Cooperation of UUM. In this discussion, Prof. Ayoib was ready to build a closer relation with UI GreenMetric and will join the IWGM 2019 at the UCC, Cork, Ireland. Before the Event Takes Place, VIP Guests Gathered on the top floor (14th floor) The registration opened at 8.30-9.30, each participant received a  1 goodie bag containing a notebook from recycled paper and program book, etc. At 9.30 the event began, beginning with singing the national anthem of Malaysia "Negaraku". Then, the screening of UUM's profile video and a brief story of the green campus program of the UUM campus in Sintok near the border to Thailand. Program Book and Banner Goodie Bag Singing the National Anthem of Malaysia "Negaraku" The opening ceremony was started by Assoc Prof. Farizal Rajemi, PhD as Chairman of the event and Contact Person of National Coordinator of UI GreenMetric for Malaysia. Subsequently, the speech was continued by Prof. Dato 'Seri Dr. Mohamed Mustafa B Ishak, UUM Vice Chancellor and Prof Gunawan Tjahjono, Expert Member of UI GreenMetric. In his speech, Prof. Gunawan thanked UUM for organizing the National Workshop. The opening ceremony was over with an exchange of momento from UI GreenMetric and UUM. Opening Ceremony from Assoc Prof. Farizal Rajemi, PhD as Chairman of the event and Contact Person of National Coordinator of UI GreenMetric for Malaysia Prof. Dato 'Seri Dr. Mohamed Mustafa B Ishak, UUM Vice Chancellor   Opening Ceremony from Prof Gunawan Tjahjono, Expert Member of UI GreenMetric Before to the next session, one by one the representatives of Rector from each university signed the declaration of membership as a member of UIGWURN. Then, they took a photo session. Representatives of Rector from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Representatives of Rector from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) The UI GreenMetric session at 11.00 to 01.00, the session was divided into two presentations, Prof. Gunawan explained the current Developments in UI GreenMetric Rankings and described the achievements of the UI GreenMetric indicator statistical analysis of all university in Malaysia which participated in UI GreenMetric World University Rankings 2017 and Prof. Tommy explained the stages in completing the questionnaire and explanation of the UI GreenMetric indicators. Participants were enthusiastic in listening to the explanation from the 2 Expert Members of UI GreenMetric and at the end of the session they asked some questions regarding some indicators. For a question regarding UI GreenMetric indicators and criteria which have not been not covered at the 17 SDGs, Prof. Gunawan answered that until now UI GreenMetric has still been trying to find a good calculation for social and economic indicators, and in the future UI GreenMetric would continue to gradually cover all the 17 SDGs.  Prof. Gunawan in UI GreenMetric Session Prof. Tommy in UI GreenMetric Session Participants were enthusiastic in listening to the explanation from the 2 Expert Members of UI GreenMetric At 14:00, the sharing best practices session was chaired by the Associate Prof. Dr. Nor Azam Abdul Raza, Deputy Director of IPQ ot UUM. The first speaker, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Zaharin, Professor of the Faculty of Environment from Univeristi Putra Malaysia (UPM) presented a talk entitled “Green@UPM Cultivating the Green Campus Culture” which represented best practices and sustainability related projects in his campus based on 17 SDGs and indicators of UI GreenMetric. He explained 3 major initiatives of UPM, i.e. Cleaner than clean, Greener than green, dan Lower carbon footprint. Subsequently, the second speaker, Prof. Dr. Faisal Rafiq Mohamad Adikan, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Development of the Universiti Malaya (UM) explained that there are 3 basic concepts of best practices of UM, i.e. We listened to wise folks who walk the talk, Pembangunan ? more bangunan, dan We communicate numbers for buy in. In “Pembangunan ? more bangunan” concept, he explained regarding the project being done, for example: Zero Waste Campaign dan the Urban Forest project in Seksyen 12. The last speaker, the Associate Prof. Dr. Siti Aznor Hj. Ahmad, Dean, School of Economic, Finance and Banking, UUM conveyed that UUM still has many trees and green fields.  The first speaker, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Zaharin, Professor of the Faculty of Environment from Univeristi Putra Malaysia (UPM)  The second speaker, Prof. Dr. Faisal Rafiq Mohamad Adikan, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Development of the Universiti Malaya (UM) The last speaker, the Associate Prof. Dr. Siti Aznor Hj. Ahmad, Dean, School of Economic, Finance and Banking, Universiti Utara Malaysia After sharing best practices session from speakers, the next session was a discussion regarding UI GWURN program for Malaysian Universities led by Prof. Dr. Nor Aziah Abdul Manaf, CFiA Director of Finance of UI GreenMetric representative of Assoc Prof M Farizal Rajemi, PhD as Contact Person National Coordinator of UI GreenMetric for Malaysia. The result of this discussion was UPM as the first rank in Malaysia at the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings 2017 is willing to accept if any campus want to visit for best practices comparative study from UPM, that the event will be coordinated by UUM as National Coordinator of UI GreenMetric for Malaysia. At the end of the workshop session, the closing session was conducted by Prof. Tommy and Prof Ayoib. Unlike the usual national workshop that held a campus tour at the end of this event, because the UUM was located far from the hotel so it was not possible to hold a tour campus.     [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] Video Created by UUM

The International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) Conference was held in Kungliga Technical Högskolan (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm, Sweden on June 11th to 13th 2018. The conference was attended by 120 participants from various universities and countries. Dr. Anom Bowolaksono was the representative from UI GreenMetric. [caption id="attachment_6038" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Dr. Anom Bowolaksono, the representative from UI GreenMetric[/caption] On June 11th 2018, the event was opened by Göran Finnveden, Vice-President for Sustainable Development, KTH, René Schwarzenbach, ISCN Board President, Zena Harris, Executive Director, from ISCN at the NYMBLE Building. He explained that this meeting will clarify the direction of definition and scope of sustainability on campus. The program then continued with a group discussion, called ConverStation. The topics for discussion including “Environmental Management on a distance" by Ullika Lundgren, University of Gothenburg, “Environmental Management as a tool for sustainability in Higher Education Institutions (HEI)” by Kristina von Oelreich, KTH, and “Promoting an Asian model for campus sustainability” by Jane Singer and Maki Ikegami, Kyoto University. The next session is the keynote address delivered by Sverker Sörlin, a professor of environmental history at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He explained how Sweden is ready to achieve zero CO2 emission targets but the success must be accompanied by other countries. In the afternoon session Sigbritt Karlsson President of KTH Royal Institute of Technology presented keynote address. He shared about how the KTH Royal Institute gave birth to Swedish scientists who always thought and had a spirit of sustainability. The program continued with announcement of nominees for the Final of the Sustainable Campus Excellence Award. The nominees were finalists of ISCN Awards 2018 who invited from ISCN member countries to share their projects on excellence in sustainability on campus, Innovative Building and Infrastructure, Campus Planning and System Management, Innovative Collaboration and Student Leadership. At the end of first day, dinner was delivered with the presentation of KTH Live-in Lab. KTH-Live-In Lab as a trial place for sustainable housing. All of participants received a tour and learn how dynamic and flexible apartment is used for research and development, and also to accelerate innovation in the construction and real estate sectors using technology. [caption id="attachment_6041" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Jonas Anund Vogel, Director of KTH Live-in Lab delivered the presentation[/caption] The second day, June 12th 2018 began with the topic of Global Priorities, Educated Solutions: the role of academia in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. In this session ISCN collaborates with member countries of International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU). This session was opened by Melissa Goodall, from Yale University. Starting with the presentation of several conditions for the implementation of SDGs in several universities such as the University of Cape Town, University of California Berkeley, and Peking University. The next session discussed about solutions to the constraints of the SDGs implementation activities. It also conveyed about the success stories of several universities in the world in the application of SDGs and innovations in these fields. The session was closed by Jeff Sachs, Director of Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and Director of Center for Sustainable Development, Columbia University. On the second day, there was poster session for universities. UI GreenMetric joined the session too. Many of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) or Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) participated in the poster session for explaining some of their programs. [caption id="attachment_6042" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Poster session for universities[/caption] The afternoon session was filled with the theme of climate change which is about how to reduce CO2 and clean air business. It also intended to explore new ways to develop, test, and integrate sustainability ideas to strengthen understanding of sustainability. Before dinner, participants toured around Stockholm City. The city of Stockholm is a sustainable city. Many of public facilities are well available. Most people prefer to ride a bicycle to work and go to school by walking showed implementation of sustainable behavior. In addition, many people prefer organic food which is also available at supermarkets widely. [caption id="attachment_6043" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Campus Tour[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6044" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Waste management in Stockholm City[/caption] Activities on third day, June 13th 2018 began with an introduction to the program on the last day, then continued with evaluation of the group's activities during afternoon session on the second day. The goal of evaluation was to know how to bring lessons during the ISCN meeting in Stockholm to each participant's campus. In addition, networks of fellow ISCN members are strengthened by disseminating information and also involving several stakeholders in it. After a group photo, the session continued with a brief presentation of case studies from several universities in the world, they presented several events along with sustainability solutions that they had experienced so far. The program continues with the Advisory Committee & Board updates about several new member universities. Subsequently, it is proceeded with the presentation of several rector-level leaders of universities in Europe. Closing remarks were carried out to conclude the three days event. The committee of ISCN 2018 concluded that it is important to socialize the concept of sustainability massively. The scopes and concepts of sustainability in higher education still needs to be clarified. It is important to make a sustainability network to strengthen the implementation of sustainability in higher education.

The National Workshop on UI GreenMetric for United Kingdom was held in Jubilee Campus, Nottingham City on 22nd May 2018. It was hosted by the University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK, and in coordination by Mr. Andrew Nolan, Director of Sustainability, University of Nottingham and Mr. Gavin Scott, sustainability manager. The Workshop was attended by 19 participants from 10 Universities and the Chairman of the Environmental Association in United Kingdom. Universities presented are University of Nottingham, Bangor University, University of Derby, Keele University, University of Leicester, Lincoln University, University of Manchester, Nottingham Trent University, Oxford University, University of Warwick and the Chairman of the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) a good presentation of Sustainability Movements the Global Stage. In general, the participants are those who play an important role in policy making and implementation of sustainability in their campuses, such as vice rectors, directors, and directorates of facilities, directorate of sustainability, vice dean related to infrastructure and general and sustainability officer. The workshop was opened by Mr. Andy Nolan, Director of Estates, Sustainability and Prof. Riri Fitri Sari, Chairperson of UI GreenMetric. In the first session, Trends and Challenges has been presented by Mr. Gavin Scott, Sustainability Manager, University of Nottingham and Prof. Eunice Simmons, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Nottingham Trent University. In the second session, Challenges and Opportunities has been presented by Ms. Sandra Lee, Social Impact Lead at University of Leicester. In the last session, “Global Perspectives, Sustainable Development Goals and Universities” issues have been presented by Mr. Iain Patton, Chief Executive of The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges and Prof. Riri Fitri Sari, Chairperson of UI GreenMetric. The event has been wrapped up with a campus tour at the University of Nottingham.

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