The UI GreenMetric Internship Program is an annual opportunity tailored for university students (minimum 5th-semester enrollees). It's a chance for the students to dive into the creation of the first world university ranking system that focuses specifically on sustainability. This initiative set sail in 2022 with the goal of bringing together students from various universities across the globe.
After the success of last year's program, we're excited to announce that the UI GreenMetric Internship Program continues this year. This ongoing effort adds momentum to the development of fresh projects within the UI GreenMetric framework, fostering innovation and growth.
During this program, students have a unique privilege to choose their path. They can explore their interests by selecting from a range of positions within UI GreenMetric.

  1. Providing an opportunity for students whose universities are members of UI GreenMetric to sharpen their talents and abilities.
  2. Nurturing and developing students' experiences in various aspects of practical work activities in the professional world.
  3. Instilling and cultivating a sense of professional awareness in students, who are future professionals responsible in their respective fields.
  4. Making UI GreenMetric more widely recognized, not only among UI GreenMetric personnel, but also among the student community.
  1. Program Officer
  2. Partnership Officer
  3. Social and Media and Communication Officer
  4. Data Engineering Officer
  5. App Development Officer
General Requirements
  1. Currently pursuing the 4th or 6th semester of an undergraduate (S1) and the 4th semester of a vocational (D3) in all study programs at Universities which are members of UI GreenMetric (https://greenmetric.ui.ac.id/rankings/overall-rankings-2022)
  2. Not more than 23 years old.
  3. Have good skills in Microsoft Office and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  4. Good speaking and writing skills in English.
  5. Have a pleasant personality and eager to learn, a problem solver, creative, and innovative.
  6. Have high motivation, high endurance, and responsibility.
  7. Have a keen interest in sustainability issue.
  8. Able to work in a team.
From this Internship Program, students will earn:
  1. Certificate
  2. Evaluation Report
  3. Opportunity to enhance stundent’s critical thinking, problem-solving, and project management abilities
  4. Hands-on experience in the field of World University Rankings management
  5. Networking with professionals, experts, and fellow interns who share a passion for sustainability
  6. Work closely with experienced professionals who can provide guidance, mentorship, and career advice