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The 4th National Workshop of Sustainable Universities in Mexico
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla hosted the 4th National Workshop of Sustainable Universities in Mexico, a collaborative effort with the invaluable support of the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, coinciding with World Earth Day. With presenting 24 speakers from best universities in Mexico, including Mtra. Gabriela Carvajal Rubilar, Director of the Energy Agency of the State of Puebla, Lic. Jorge Ermilo Barrera Novelo, Secretary of Economy of the Government of the State of Puebla, as well as to Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari, Chairperson of the UI GreenMetric, and Mtra. Gabriela Georgina Mateos Gómez, Technical Secretary of the South Central Regional Council of the National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions ANUIES. Dr. Arq. Manuel Sandoval, General Coordinator for Sustainable Development at BUAP, and Mtro. Diego Ariel Riva, Coordinator of the ANUIES Network and Coordinator of Environmental Management and Social Responsibility, are also essential figures in this endeavor. This workshop serves as a platform for attendees to share knowledge, learn from best practices, and gain insights from leading institutions in sustainability. These institutions have achieved remarkable scores in the UI GreenMetric World Rankings. With the participation of over 55 national universities and an audience of 600 individuals, this workshop promises an excellent opportunity for collaboration and learning.

The 1st National Workshop on UI GreenMetric for Universities in Nigeria
Lagos University recently made history by hosting the inaugural National Workshop on UI GreenMetric for Universities in Nigeria on 17 April 2024, a groundbreaking event that heralded a new era of sustainability in higher education across the nation. Embracing the digital age, the workshop seamlessly transitioned into the virtual realm, attracting a diverse array of participants from universities throughout Nigeria. Their enthusiastic engagement underscored a shared commitment to fostering sustainable campuses and leveraging the UI GreenMetric rankings as a catalyst for positive change in the current year. Steering the workshop with finesse and expertise was Prof. Adejuwon A. Adeneye, Ph.D., D.Sc., an esteemed figure in academia serving as the Director of Research and Management at Lagos University. Setting the tone for the event's significance was Prof. Ibiyemi I. Olatunji-Bello, mni, NPOM, the Vice Chancellor of Lagos State University, whose opening remarks resonated with a sense of purpose and determination. A highlight of the workshop was the invaluable contributions from UI GreenMetric luminaries, including Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari, M.M., M.Sc., Chairperson of UI GreenMetric, who provided a comprehensive introduction to the framework and methodologies of UI GreenMetric. This set the stage for Dr. Nyoman Suwartha, the Vice Chair of UI GreenMetric for Administration, Research, and Development, to delve into the intricacies of participation, offering practical insights and guidance on optimizing university rankings. Adding depth and context to the discussions, Prof. Adejuwon shared Lagos University's own sustainability journey, highlighting best practices and lessons learned along the way. The presentations culminated in a dynamic Q&A session, expertly facilitated by Dr. Junaidi, Vice Chair of UI GreenMetric for Program, Communication, and Partnership, fostering an environment of collaboration and knowledge exchange among participants. The resounding success of the workshop was a testament to the collective enthusiasm and commitment of Nigerian universities towards sustainable development. As participants exchanged ideas and experiences, a palpable sense of optimism permeated the virtual space, fueling aspirations for a greener, more interconnected future. Looking ahead, UI GreenMetric remain hopeful for continued collaboration and networking opportunities within Nigeria's academic community, buoyed by the momentum generated by this transformative event. Streaming on UI GreenMetric’s Youtube Channel: Written by: Yovita Y. Yamin

Empowering Indonesian Vocational Institution in Climate Change Infrastructure
During a three-day workshop held from March 26th to March 28th, 2024, UI GreenMetric, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of Indonesia, conducted a significant event aimed at empowering vocational institutions in their pivotal role in climate change adaptation through the implementation of UI GreenMetric Indicators. This workshop served as a platform to disseminate essential information, strategies, and best practices. At the heart of this workshop was the Ministry's proposal urging all public vocational institutions across Indonesia to actively engage in the UI GreenMetric Rankings. Through this initiative, the Ministry aims to recognize and reward those institutions that excel in environmental sustainability efforts. To incentivize participation, the Ministry plans to introduce a donation scheme for selected institutions that demonstrate exceptional performance. These chosen institutions will receive sponsorship from the Ministry to bolster their infrastructure procurement and development endeavors for the fiscal year 2024. This collaborative effort not only signifies a commitment to fostering sustainability within vocational institutions but also underscores the government's dedication to supporting and nurturing environmentally conscious practices in the education sector. By encouraging participation in UI GreenMetric Rankings, the Ministry aims to cultivate a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility among vocational institutions, thereby contributing to broader national and global efforts to mitigate climate change. In addition to the Ministry's initiatives, UI GreenMetric played a crucial role in providing valuable insights during the workshop. Through discussions on UI GreenMetric indicators, participants gained a deeper understanding of the metrics used to evaluate environmental sustainability. Moreover, they learned about the myriad benefits of participating in the rankings and received guidance on effectively completing the questionnaire. This workshop marks a significant milestone in advancing sustainability initiatives within vocational institutions across Indonesia. Through collaboration, education, and proactive engagement, stakeholders are poised to make meaningful strides towards a more environmentally sustainable future. Written by: Yovita Y. Yamin

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