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Virtual Workshop on UI GreenMetric for Universities in Uzbekistan
After the success of the 1st National Workshop on UI GreenMetric World University Rankings for Universities in Uzbekistan, held on May 26-27, 2023, Bukhara State University is taking the initiative to host the second edition of this national workshop. The aim is to engage a broader spectrum of universities across Uzbekistan, as they enthusiastically invite all universities in the country to participate in the UI GreenMetric Rankings. This second workshop of this year commenced on Monday, September 18th, 2023. The event was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari, M.M., M.Sc., Chairperson of UI GreenMetric, who delivered the keynote speech. In her address, Prof. Sari emphasized that the younger generation is at the forefront of driving change. She emphasized that their capacity and influence make them key players in shaping a future that is socially and environmentally responsible. Opening Speech from Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari, M.M., M.Sc., Chairperson of UI GreenMetric During the recent presentation, the highly regarded Prof. Dr. Ir. Tommy Ilyas, M.Eng, an expert member of UI GreenMetric's esteemed Organizational Development team, gave an introduction to the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings and its Network. The comprehensive presentation delved into different facets of UI GreenMetric, such as its goals, partnerships, network, and pertinent details. The audience received meaningful insights into the world of UI GreenMetric and how it has influenced the academic community. Presentation from Prof. Dr. Ir. Tommy Ilyas, M.Eng, an Expert Member of UI GreenMetric's Organizational Development The forthcoming presentation will be given by Professor O.Kh.Khadimov, who is a highly respected figure in the academic community and currently serves as the esteemed Rector of Bukhara State University. The presentation's main topic is centered around "Establishing Sustainable Campuses: Benefits and Challenges" and explores how this relates to UI GreenMetric. The presentation provides valuable insights and encourages thoughtful discussion on the significance of sustainability in campus settings. Presentation from Professor O.Kh.Khadimov, the Rector of Bukhara State University. The conclusion of the event featured a highly informative presentation by the esteemed Expert Member of the UI GreenMetric team, Dr. Ruki Harwahyu, S.T., M.T., M.Sc., who provided an in-depth overview of the UI GreenMetric Questionnaire and Report. The presentation was highly informative, focusing on the importance of submitting the questionnaire, and the team offered detailed instructions on how to complete it. Presentation from UI GreenMetric’s team The second national workshop held in 2023 is expected to foster enhanced collaboration and partnerships among universities in Uzbekistan, serving as a pivotal platform for the exchange of innovative sustainability solutions and best practices. This event will not only deepen participants' understanding of sustainability in higher education but also serve as an inspiring catalyst for action, empowering student leaders to champion change within their campuses. Furthermore, the workshop will facilitate global benchmarking, networking opportunities, and the forging of partnerships, all while spotlighting the remarkable sustainability initiatives taking place in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. It will also play a pivotal role in increasing awareness of the vital importance of sustainability within higher education and society at large. Ultimately, the event aspires to make substantial contributions towards a more sustainable future for universities and the planet, driven by knowledge exchange and a collective commitment to sustainability. Written by: Nadhira Rahmani Zulkarnain & Yovita Yiwananda Yamin S.Hum., M.Si
Zero Emissions Day: Greener Tomorrow Starts Today!
On September 21, 2023, which also happened to be International Zero Emissions Day, the UI GreenMetric hosted Instagram Live Discussions with three exceptional speakers. This September, UI GreenMetric brings up the theme of “Zero Emissions Day: Greener Tomorrow Starts Today!” The first speaker was Dr. Talal Alharbi, a Qassim University Professor specializing in Power and Energy. The second speaker was Sicha Alifa Makahekum, a Program Officer for Green Economy at the Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR). Last but not least, Restiya Ardhita, an Environmental Ambassador of UIN Raden Intan Lampung, also shared her insights during the event. In the course of our live discussion, we had the opportunity to explore in greater detail the theme of transitioning towards a sustainable and low-carbon future. It became clear that achieving this goal demands a comprehensive strategy and the unwavering commitment of every individual. Our esteemed speakers also shared a wealth of invaluable tips and insights on how we can all contribute to the reduction of gas emissions, which we can readily incorporate into our daily lives. In order to create a future with fewer carbon emissions, Dr. Talal Alharbi, Professor in Power and Energy at Qassim University, emphasized the importance of taking action on an individual level. This can include reducing our use of electrical appliances and transportation options, as well as increasing physical activity as a means of transportation. It's also vital to raise awareness and promote a low-carbon future within our society, community, and environment. Sicha Alifa, a representative of IESR, believes that universities and communities play a crucial role in spreading awareness about reducing gas emissions. She emphasizes the need to incorporate climate change and energy issues into our education system. Educational institutions can promote awareness of climate change, integrate sustainability into their curriculum, and support research on low-carbon future and climate change. According to Restiya Arditha, an Environmental Ambassador at UIN Raden Intan Lampung, creating and sharing content, writing informative articles, and utilizing educational resources towards sustainability can help raise public awareness about the importance of reducing emissions and taking better actions for the environment. With our proficiency in technology, we hold the power to drive climate action through social media and other online tools. By sharing information and raising awareness via digital platforms, we can inspire more people to take part in this important cause and bring about positive change. Let's unite our efforts to make a significant impact! Streaming Live on Instagram: Written by: Nadhira Rahmani Zulkarnain & Yovita Yiwananda Yamin S.Hum., M.Si
The 6th National Workshop on UI GreenMetric World University Rankings for Universities in Brazil
Hosted by the Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS) on September 14th and 15th, 2023, the annual National Workshop on UI GreenMetric World University Rankings for Universities in Brazil marked its sixth consecutive year. This event showcased the unwavering enthusiasm of Brazilian universities to engage with the UI GreenMetric initiative. The workshop featured nine speakers representing various universities and stakeholders. It commenced with opening remarks by Marcelo Augusto Santos Turine, the Rector of UFMS, Leonardo Chaves de Carvalho, the Head of the workshop, and Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari, the Chairperson of UI GreenMetric, who joined the event online. Marcelo Augusto Santos Turine, Leonardo Chaves de Carvalho, and Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari The first day of the workshop was divided into five engaging sessions. The initial session explored "Mato Grosso do Sul: A Carbon-Neutral State," offering insights into state public policy on carbon neutral, and was presented by Ricardo José Senna, the Executive Secretary of Science, Technology, and Innovation of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul (SEMADESC). Ricardo José Senna (Executive Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of the state of Mato Groso do Sul/SEMADESC) The second session delved into "Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the Role of the Research Support Foundation," as explained by Márcio de Araújo Pereira, Director-President of the Foundation for Support to the Development of Education, Science, and Technology of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul (FUNDECT). Márcio Pereira (Director-President of the Foundation for Support to the Development of Education, Science and Technology of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul/FUNDECT) The third session centered on "UI GreenMetric: Global Context and Challenges for Universities" and was presented by Tadeu Malheiros. Tadeu Malheiros (GreenMetric Brazil Representation Environmental Management Superintendence - SGA/USP) The fourth session took the form of a roundtable discussion about UI GreenMetric indicators, particularly focusing on water and energy & climate change, with contributions from three speakers: Dyego Maradona Ataide de Freitas, Vice Director of Quality and Environmental Management at the Universidade Federal de Lavras (UFLA). Prof. Regiane Relva Romano, Director of Smart Campus Facens at Centro Universitário Facens. Vitor Marques Viana, Superintendent of Infrastructure at the Universidade Federal do Pará (Ufopa). The fifth session revolved around waste and education & research, featuring insights from three speakers: Leonardo Chaves de Carvalho, Director of Sustainable Development at Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS). Thalita dos Santos Dalbelo, Sustainability Coordinator at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp). Leonardo Silva Manso, Sustainability Coordinator at the Federal Institute of the South of Minas Gerais (IFSULDEMINAS). On the second day of the workshop, participants had the opportunity for a technical visit to the Pantanal Biopark. This visit included a tour of the world's largest freshwater aquarium, situated in Campo Grande, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul. The visit was expertly guided by the technical team from Bioparque. This workshop was designed to establish meaningful connections among universities in Brazil, fostering productive collaborations and inspiring participants to actively engage with UI GreenMetric rankings. This workshop not only served as a platform for acquiring fresh insights and knowledge to advance UI GreenMetric's mission but also evolved into a wellspring of innovative perspectives. Gallery: Live stream on UFMS YouTube channel:


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