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November with 2nd NSLSM: Earth, Difference, and a Sustainable Campus
By: Hanifa Nuh Malika The beginning of November is with many differences. Thirty-four universities with over 60 participants I learned many things. The National Student Leadership Sustainable Meeting brings us all together. After the implementation of the 1st National Student Leadership Sustainable Meeting which took place at UIN Raden Intan Lampung, now the 2 ND National Student Leadership Sustainable Meeting is held again in Serang Regency, located in Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University which is one of the programs organized by UI Green Metrics. The 2nd National Student Leadership Sustainable Meeting or NSLSM was held with the theme Collective Actions for Transforming Sustainable Universities in the Post-Pandemic Time. Bonding in Difference Eight November 2022, we headed for the trip to Pakupatan Terminal from Kampung Rambutan terminal which took more than 4 hours. We did not have time to be picked up at Pakupatan terminal because the Bus we were riding did not reach the Terminal due to congestion. It may be because of entering the afternoon time. We decided to take the car booked online to Pakupatan Terminal. But after making contact with the committee, Bis who picked us up from Pakupatan Terminal was already waiting halfway through. The Mobil we were riding in also turned the direction and went to the location of the point given by the committee. On the first day, we were picked up by a bus from Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University. We headed for the media room in the Rectorate building. Sit according to the FGD division that has been pre-selected. I choose FGD for waste management. Waste management makes me interested because it is an easy thing to sort but there is no awareness from each individual. And I'm also very curious about sustainable waste management on other campuses. I sat on the bench in the second row from the front. Each other introduced themselves to the other. Starting from the name, campus origin, major, and also semester. Getting to know new people may be commonplace, but it can also hone in on how we communicate. The first thing you can see is to be in awe of the other friends. Some campuses have implemented sustainable waste management designs such as managing organic waste into products such as POC or biogas with their tools. Green & Sustainable Campus for The Future: About Reinforced Intuition There are several materials given before the FGD. Such as UI Green Matrics & the role of students in sustainability. Students are young men as agents of change. Youth is a milestone of change that can determine the future of a nation. UI Green Matrics is a World University Ranking at Green & Sustainable Campus initiated by UI in 2010. Who knows SGDs? One question came up and I ventured to answer what I knew. SGDs itself has several goals where we as students who gathered on the 2nd NSLSM contributed to contributing ideas or ideas in the form of innovations related to existing environmental problems, creating a green campus & sustainability, there are several aspects, namely infrastructure, waste management, renewable energy, transportation, use of water, and education and research. Not only learning about a sustainable environment but there are soft skills that are honed such as courage, leadership, responsibility, and social spirit by caring for each other. "Just Open his heart" is a very meaningful sentence from ka Arifah which explains the material Environmental Leadership and Theory of Change. Can we change? A question that stomped me. We can, with real awareness, will, and action. Starting from the smallest things such as reducing the use of plastic we use. When the forest is cut down, the water is lost and how can the water be stored? We must provide solutions through individuals, businesses and organizations, and governments. Alternative solutions with inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts (make a change/growth). Our Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on waste management begins after ishoma is completed. Our FGD started by discussing the problem of good waste management that is good to what is not good from the level of management. From there we formulated several problems and raised some urgent problems. Namely the low level of awareness of the individual towards his waste. We carry out Waste Academy which contains several programs such as scholarships from waste, challenges, workshops, and others. Our FGD was very fun and exciting. Not only that, but I also learned a lot about waste management at other universities, honed my thinking, and also learned to express opinions. Parting: A Story That Will Be Remembered Day 3 I was at the 2ndND National Student Leadership Sustainable Meeting. We headed to Sindangheula Dam. We were directed towards the Hall below, the view around the Dam was gorgeous and vast! The dam itself has the function of collecting water so that it does not go directly to the river to prevent flooding. We also visited the Banten Lama Kepurbalaan Site Museum. Exploring the history of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa. I also saw the old Banten mosque, many came from various regions just for pilgrimage, or for some schools just a study tour. I enjoyed and enjoyed in addition to increasing my knowledge as well as being able to heal! After the second Ishoma, we took environmental action by planting Durian trees at the Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa university. This is the session I have been waiting for the most. Because we as young must be part of the solution by realizing real action. The last night of the event opened with two very beautiful and interesting dances! I enjoyed it, in addition to the dance performance, there was also the announcement of the best FGD and also the top 3 best Essai. Although it is not the best FGD, my group has always been compacted, we have the jargon that is "spontaneous? UHUIIII!" Maybe if there is the hottest category, our group will win hahaha. Well, on every trip there must be a parting point. The meeting with awareness of the importance of a sustainable environment is not just a stop. But about what we brought from here to where our respective areas were. Good job leaders, you're awesome! It's great to be able to participate in such an extraordinary event, with speakers, committees, and a series of events. Imprinted, reminiscent, and loved in the soul.
It’s All Coming Back to Us
“You can pretend to be what you know, but you can only create what you are.” John C. Maxwell Hello, I am Jeanette Helena Sanggor, a delegate from Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, who took part in the 2nd NSLSM 2022 at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University, Banten, on November 9-10, 2022. Through the 2nd National Leaders on Sustainability Meeting, I met many people from all over Indonesia and learned many things related to sustainability. Through the discussions that were held, I heard that many campuses have built sustainability into their environments and some have not. But through this activity, I realized that the most important sustainability comes from myself. How do we want to become agents of change on our respective campuses. This motivates me to continue to innovate and take part in sustainability issues. In this activity, we carried out the Declaration of Indonesian Students Protecting the Environment, which contains six points out of six UI Green Metric indicators, so that as students, we can take actions that can protect the environment. These indicators include campus infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste management, water use, transportation, as well as education and research. Extraordinary material was also presented, one of which was the theory of change. Regarding input, activity, output, outcome, and impact that we as students can give to change the world for the better Through this event, i believe that it all comes back to us. How can we return to our original campuses and act as agents of change? Is Become a sustainable student in terms of ways of thinking, innovation, and action in realizing a sustainable campus. Thankyou for being a part of my life, nice to meet you guys!
Indonesian Youth Leaders for Sustainable Planet
2nd NSLSM 2022 Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University Learn Lesson by Jesika Naibaho It is an honor to be a part of the participants in the 2nd National Student Leaders on Sustainability Meeting (NSLSM) which is sheltered by UI GreenMetric as the World University Ranking in the field of sustainability, which is hosted by Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University, Serang Banten on November 8-10th 2022. This event is the second implementation after being successfully held at UIN Raden Intan Lampung on October 27-29th 2021 in a hybrid. After the government announced that Indonesia has currently declared the status of the Covid-19 pandemic to be endemic, this year's NSLSM were held in full offline, this is of course an euphoria for delegates and organizers who longed offline activities. Before being selected as delegates, participants are required to write an essay with the theme “Collective Action for Transforming Sustainable in the Post Pandemic Time” as the main theme of this year's NSLSM, with the sub-themes of 6 UI GreenMetric indicators, Campus Infrastructure, Energy and Climate Change, Waste Management, Water Use, Transportation, and Education and Research. After being assessed by the jury, then the announcement of delegates from each campus that has been registered with UI GreenMetric. After that, the jury selected 10 finalists with the best writings to be presented during the NSLSM events. As participants representing exchange students from Merdeka Belajar who happened to be inbound students at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University, we were given the opportunity to participate. The first day, on Tuesday November 8th, the delegates departed from their home campus for the University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, the host of the 2nd NSLSM 2022. The second day, Wednesday, November 9th, began with an opening ceremony which was attended directly by the Rector of Untirta, Chair of UI GreenMetric, PIC Governor of Banten and also an Expert member of UI GreenMetric. After the welcoming, the delegates first pledged the Indonesian Student Oath to Protect the Environment, then continued with a material presentation session by Community Action Manager Climate Reality, Arifah Handayani who brought the topic "Environmental Leadership and Theory of Change". This session discusses how young leaders need the attitude and spirit of sustainability and concern for the environment, how the earth today needs real action from every stakeholder and what efforts can be made by students as future leaders. After that, the long-awaited session arrived, the Action Plan Workshop and FGD. Each team gets one theme from the 6 UI GreenMetric indicators to discuss, then discuss the problems that exist in each of the original universities according to their team's sub-themes, then will be presented in front of the jury. Team 1 with the sub-theme of Campus Infrastructure, initiated the improvement of green open spaces on campus, the creation of vertical gardens, rooftop gardens, and biopori holes. Team 2 with the sub-theme Energy and Climate Change, initiated increased collaboration and action from the campus with various stakeholders, both government and private regarding the maximum use of new and renewable energy by campuses, for example by using larger solar panels, collaborative creation and discovery other renewable energy, examples of fuel from waste and etc. Team 3 with the sub-theme of Waste Management, initiated the existence of a waste academy, namely student empowerment and waste management in the campus environment with various activities such as challenges, workshops, festivals to scholarships. Team 4 with the sub-theme of Water Use, initiated the maximization and utilization of rainwater for the use of clean water on campus, its activities can be carried out by making biopore holes, and using water-saving plumbing tools with examples of sensor faucets. Team 5 with the sub-theme of Transportation, initiated the TransENAK (Efficient, Comfortable, Safe, Credible Transportation) which is the digitization of shuttle services to integrate information about routes, locations, capacities and times by creating a digitization platform. Team 6 with the sub-theme of Education and Research, initiated the KUSIR (Integrated SDGs Curriculum) which includes teaching, research, and community service related to sustainability. On the third day, the delegates carried out environmental actions, which previously started with gymnastics in the courtyard of the inn with the provided instructors, and continued with breakfast. Then proceed to go to one of the dams in Serang Regency, namely the Sindangheula Dam, to conduct a public lecture consisting of two, the first related to Dam Technology by the Head of BBWSC3 Banten Province. The material provided was very interesting, how dam technology was built, how dams play an important role for urban irrigation, and flood prevention efforts. While the second material is related to Career Opportunities in the Green Energy Sector by Customer Relationship Management, Clean Energy and Sustainability Engineering Enthusiast. This session was also very interesting, the presenters explained how the great opportunities for green energy in the future are very promising, and the transformation that has started today to switch to green energy. After finishing from the Bendungan, we returned to campus E Sindangsari to do a brief campus tour, followed by lunch. Then get ready to do a city tour to Banten Lama, which begins with visiting the Old Banten Archaeological site museum, followed by the Great Mosque of Banten and the Tomb of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa. Next, we returned to campus E Sindangsari to carry out an environmental action to plant trees, this was one of the best parts of this events, the real action of young people to save the earth from the climate crisis. After finishing planting trees, and taking some photos together, then we returned to the inn. It didn't feel like the 2nd NSLSM activity was coming to an end, marked by the closing ceremony that night. With a series of remarks and inauguration, including the announcement of the best essay, the best FGD group, and also a lucky draw. There were many impressions during the series of activities, starting from getting acquainted with new friends who have the same awareness regarding environmental issues, this is the best part when Indonesians youth gathering together, discuss environmental issues, and actions that can be taken with various breakthroughs, the out of the box and brilliant ideas from every student from different backgrounds for the efforts that can be made for the environment. This positive events must continue to be supported, future leaders must continue to be equipped with awareness of the importance of sustainability, and it is hoped that all programs that have been designed can then be implemented, starting from their respective campuses to benefit the wider community. We are certainly waiting for the next NSLSM activities as well as bigger and more real environmental actions in the future.

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