Join Us at the 2nd International Student Leaders Meeting 2023:

Hosted by Bukhara State University in Uzbekistan, the International Student Leaders Meeting serves as a global platform for student leaders from diverse backgrounds and cultures to convene and collaboratively address pressing sustainability challenges. During this gathering, participants share innovative ideas, best practices, and unique perspectives on environmental, social, and economic sustainability. They engage in meaningful discussions, develop action plans, and foster cross-cultural connections, all with the aim of creating a more sustainable future for our planet. This meeting empowers young leaders to take collective action and inspire positive change within their respective communities, universities, and beyond, ultimately contributing to a more environmentally responsible and socially equitable world.

Keynote speeches by renowned sustainability experts
Workshops on driving innovation in universities for a greener future
Networking opportunities with student leaders from around the world
Insights into fostering sustainability's impact on campuses and communities
Direct interaction with UI GreenMetric, where Bukhara State University is the country coordinator

22 September 2023 - 5 November 2023


Mid. November 2023


24 - 25 November 2023

the 2nd International Student Leaders Meeting


Explore the Beauty of Bukhara:

Campus and City Tours: Discover Bukhara State University's sustainable initiatives firsthand. Witness eco-friendly projects driving positive change on campus. Immerse yourself in the city's rich history and culture through guided tours that showcase its sustainable side.
Accommodation, Meals and Local Transportation Provided For 70 Students! Enjoy comfortable stays, delicious local cuisine and convenient travel.

General Requirements:
  • Registered student at UI GreenMetric member universities
  • Proficient in English
  • Recommended by UI GreenMetric coordinator and Head of Study Program at UI GreenMetric member universities.
  • Student leaders of sustainability/green related organization at home university.
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Kindly note that we will close the registration after we have up to 70 students and only 25 seats for supervisors will be available.

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Together, let's pave the way for sustainable universities and a better tomorrow. Don't miss out on this chance to be at the forefront of global change!

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Contact Person
Zafar Abdullaev (+998995676590) /
Feruz Yuldashev (+998333322365)

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