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Publication Articles on UI GreenMetric

No. Year Language Category Publisher/Link Title Link
1 2018 Spanish Article Análisis De Visibilidad Del E-Branding Universitario De La Escuela Superior Politécnica Del Litoral En Escuela Superior Politécnica Del Litoral From Ecuador And Universitat Politècnica De València From Spain
2 2018 English Article Evaluation of electricity consumption and carbon footprint of UI GreenMetric participating universities using regression analysis
3 2018 English Article Accelerating the transformation to a green university: University of Bahrain experience
4 2018 English Article The sustainability efforts of Ton Duc Thang University in the South of Vietnam
5 2018 English Article The University of São Paulo on the 2017's GreenMetric Ranking
6 2018 English Article How universities can work together with local communities to create a green, sustainable future
7 2018 English Article Making an urban university 'green': uniting administration and students towards synergy.
8 2018 English Article Green@ Universiti Putra Malaysia: cultivating the green campus culture
9 2018 English Article Expansion of renewable energy resources and energyconscious behaviour at the University of Szeged
10 2018 English Article Managing university landscape and infrastructure towards green and sustainable campus
11 2018 English Article Challenges of sustainability efforts of universities regarding the sustainable development goals: a case study in the University of Zanjan, Iran
12 2018 English Article How the environmental planning of the Universidade Federal de Lavras impacts higher education
13 2018 English Article Setting and infrastructure at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
14 2018 English Article Industrial revolution 4.0: Universiti Malaysia Sabah perspective
15 2018 English Article The challenges of adopting BIM for setting and infrastructure management of University of Minho
16 2018 English Article Above Carbon Stoks Potential in Universitas Negeri Semarang
17 2018 English Article Framework Development of Campus Sustainability Assessment. Case Study: Diponegoro University
19 2018 English Article Elsevier Sustainable procurement with Coloured Petri Nets. Application and extension of the proposed model
20 2018 English Article CO2 emission estimation from transportation usage and cyclingconsideration in the context of green campus, Naresuan University, Thailand
21 2018 English Article University of Turin performance in UI GreenMetric Energy and Climate Change
22 2018 English Article Green initiative in Suranaree University of Technology in Thailand
23 2018 English Article Technical and economical feasibility analysis of photovoltaic power installation on a university campus in indonesia
24 2018 English Article Planning & Open-Air Demonstrating Smart City Sustainable Districts
25 2018 English Article Breaking out of the TTO; turning measurements into indicators
26 2018 Portuguese Article Indicadores de sustentabilidade em Instituições de Ensino Superior (IES)
27 2018 English Article Reducing Energy Consumption Strategies in University Buildings in Egypt
28 2013 English Book Towards a Sustainable University: The Ca’ Foscari Experience
29 2018 English Book Jane Goodall. Una niña lo puede todo (Magis 462)
30 2018 English Book ECEL 2018 17th European Conference on e-Learning
31 2016 English Book Social and Economic Perspectives on Sustainability - Page 130
32 2016 English Book Sustainability Through Innovation in Product Life Cycle Design
33 2018 English Book Towards Green Campus Operations: Energy, Climate and Sustainable Development Initiatives at Universities
34 2018 English Book Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2018: 18th International Conference Melbourne, VU]IC, Australia, July 2-5, 2018, Proceedings, Part 3
35 2014 English Book Sustainable Development and Quality Assurance in Higher Education
36 2015 English Book Industrial Engineering, Management Science and Applications 2015
37 2013 English Book The Effect of Individual Creativity on Ecopreneurship
38 2013 English Book Sustainability Assessment Tools in Higher Education Institutions
39 2018 English Journal Walkability pada Jalur Pedestrian di Area Universitas Negeri Malang
40 2018 English Journal Improving Sustainability Index at Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá
41 2018 Estonian Journal Keskkonnasõbraliku käitumise muutus Eesti avalik-õiguslikes ülikoolides
42 2018 English Journal ecommons-new.library.cornell.ed Waste not, want not: reconceptualizing waste as a resource at Cornell University
43 2018 Indonesian Journal Kajian Indikator Transportasi Berdasarkan UI GreenMetric dan STARS di ITB
44 2018 Indonesian Journal Pengembangan Indikator untuk Penilaian Kategori Edukasi Green Campus. (Hal. 70-81)
45 2018 Indonesian Journal Pengembangan Indikator Peran Serta Pihak Manajemen Perguruan Tinggi dalam Penerapan Konsep Green Campus. (Hal. 82-93)
46 2018 Indonesian Journal Pengembangan dan Penilaian Kategori Edukasi Berkelanjutan (Studi Kasus: Universitas Katolik Parahyangan)
47 2018 Indonesian Journal Kajian Tatanan Ruang Terbuka Hijau Terhadap Konsep Kampus Hijau Di Kampus Universitas Diponegoro Tembalang
48 2018 Indonesian Journal Analisis Pemanfaatan Modul Berbasis Potensi Lokal sebagai Alternatif Bahan Ajar Pendidikan Lingkungan
49 2018 English Journal Elsevier Environmental performance of universities: Proposal for implementing campus urban morphology as an evaluation parameter in Green Metric
50 2018 English Journal Elsevier What does environmentally sustainable higher education institution mean?
51 2013 English Journal Elsevier Evaluating UI GreenMetric as a tool to support green universities development: assessment of the year 2011 ranking
52 2013 English Journal Elsevier Moving towards an ecologically sound society? Starting from green universities and environmental higher education
53 2015 English Journal Elsevier Critical review of a global campus sustainability ranking: GreenMetric
54 2018 English Journal A pilot study on education for sustainable development in the Romanian economic higher education
55 2015 English Journal Environmental management and sustainability in higher education: The case of Spanish Universities
56 2018 Indonesian Journal Pengembangan Kebutuhan Ruang Parkir di Kampus Itenas
57 2018 Indonesian Journal Kajian Keberlanjutan Sistem Pengelolaan Sampah Di Universitas Gadjah Mada Dengan Metode Bayesian Network
58 2018 English Journal Predictors of behavior intention to develop a green university: A case of an undergraduate university in Thailand
59 2018 English Journal The integration of human thermal comfort in an outdoor campus landscape in a tropical climate
60 2015 Spanish Journal Campus universitarios como agentes de la educación para la sostenibilidad ambiental
61 2018 English Journal Study of waste management towards sustainable green campus in Universitas Gadjah Mada
62 2018 English Journal Transportation Management Project for" GREEN PNRU
63 2018 Indonesian Journal Penilaian Usaaha Ke Arah Transportasi Berkelanjutan Berdasarkan STARS v. 2.1 Di Institut Teknologi Nasiona
64 2018 English Journal The Linkage between Ecological Knowledge and Behaviour Intention in Green Campus Students
65 2018 Indonesian Journal Pengembangan Indikator Waste (Sampah) pada Penerapan Konsep Green Campus di Itenas
66 2018 Indonesian Journal Pengembangan dan Penilaian Kategori Ruang Terbuka (Studi Kasus: Universitas Katolik Parahyangan)
67 2018 Indonesian Journal Pengembangan Kategori Edukasi Berkelanjutan dalam Penilaian Green Campus di Indonesia (Hal. 12-19)
68 2018 Indonesian Journal Pengembangan dan Penilaian Kategori Air (Studi Kasus: Universitas Katolik Parahyangan)
69 2018 English Journal How committed are Australian universities to environmental sustainability? A perspective on and from the University of Melbourne
70 2018 English Journal University Contributions to the Circular Economy: Professing the Hidden Curriculum
71 2019 English Journal Assessing the Impacts of Higher Education Institutions on Sustainable Development—An Analysis of Tools and Indicators
72 2018 English Journal Universities as Models of Sustainable Energy-Consuming Communities? Review of Selected Literature
73 2018 Spanish Journal La UPM como referente bioclimático mundial. Universidad sostenible
74 2018 Spanish Journal Propuesta de estrategia de sostenibilidad corporativa para la Universidad de Piura
75 2018 English Journal Management Practices Towards the Incorporation of Sustainability in African Universities
76 2018 Portuguese Journal O Papel Das Práticas Da Universidade Sustentável Na Construção Das Cidades Inteligentes E Sustentáveis
77 2018 English Journal The Influence of Eco-Preneurship Dimensions towards Students' New Business at Telkom University in Indonesia.
78 2018 English Journal Springer Towards a Definition of Environmental Sustainability Evaluation in Higher Education
79 2018 English Journal Springer Teacher Training in Environmental Education and Its Relation with the Sustainability Culture in Two Undergraduate Degrees at USP
80 2018 English Journal Springer The Positioning of Italian Universities in the International Rankings
81 2018 English Journal Springer Education for Sustainable Development: an exploratory survey of a sample of Latin American higher education institutions
82 2018 English Journal Springer An Experience of Participatory Construction of Solid Waste Management and Environmental Education Indicators on a University Campus
83 2018 English Journal Springer Sustainable Campus in Brazilian Scenario: Case Study of the Federal University of Lavras
84 2018 English Journal Springer Sustainability Curriculum in UK University Sustainability Reports
85 2016 English Journal Springer Green Campus initiative and its impacts on quality of life of stakeholders in Green and Non-Green Campus universities
86 2015 Spanish Skripsi Planificación de un Sistema de Gestión Ambiental para la Universidad Católica de Manizales basado en la Norma Técnica Colombiana NTC-ISO 14001: 2015
87 2018 Indonesian Thesis Analisis Kelayakan Teknik dan Ekonomi Penggunaan Pembangkit Listrik Tenaha Surya Di Kampus Univesitas Sebelas Maret
88 2018 Spanish Thesis Definición de una estrategia para fortalecer el reciclaje en la Universidad Católica de Colombia
89 2018 Indonesian Thesis Penambahan kategori Indoor Health and Comfort dalam usaha pengembangan sistem rating Greenmetric
90 2019 English Journal Sustainability in universities: DEA-Greenmetric
91 2019 English Journal mdpi.comm/ Sustainability in universities: DEA-Greenmetric
92 2021 English Journal Green University and academic performance: An empirical study on UI GreenMetric and World University Rankings
93 2021 English Journal Green University and academic performance: An empirical study on UI GreenMetric and World University Rankings
94 2021 English Journal Green University and academic performance: An empirical study on UI GreenMetric and World University Rankings
95 2021 English Journal Toward Sustainable Campuses in Egypt Case Study Mansoura University
96 2021 English Journal Sustainable Universities - The GreenMetric Tool As a Strategic Driver in HEIs Considering Different Realities
97 2021 English Journal Energy Management Strategy in Campus Towards a Green Campus Through Promoting Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency Index Improving
98 2021 English Journal A Case Review of 5 Top Sequential World Ranking Universities
99 2021 English Journal Sustainability Implementation of UI Green Metric World University Rankings Energy & Climate Change (EC) Indicators: A Case Study of MUET Gymnasium Fitness Facility
100 2021 English Journal The Effect of Green Marketing on Students’ Selection of Private Universities in Jordan