The First UI GreenMetric Online Podcast: 'Our Voice for Sustainability', with the Theme 'Sustainable Campus 2024: A Strategic Roadmap for a Greener Tomorrow'

After the success of the UI GreenMetric Instagram Live Discussion series in 2023, we are expanding our platform in the realm of social media this year to reach a wider audience through YouTube's Online Podcast, titled 'Our Voice for Sustainability.' This initiative aims to provide viewers with an in-depth discussion between a guest speaker and an expert moderator from the UI GreenMetric reviewer/assessor community, fostering a broader conversation in the field of sustainable campuses.

On Friday, January 26, 2024, the premiere was streamed live, featuring the representative of the 2023 Most Sustainable University in the UI GreenMetric rankings, Ir. Erna Maters, the Policy CSR Officer of Wageningen University and Research. The session was seamlessly moderated by an expert from the UI GreenMetric Team, Dr. -Ing. Ova Candra Dewi, S.T., M.Sc., GP, who also serves as the Head of the Urban and Regional Planning Master Program at the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (PWK FTUI).

During this engaging discussion, Dr. -Ing. Ova meticulously posed thought-provoking questions to elicit in-depth responses and clear explanations for the viewers. Erna highlighted the importance of fostering a sustainable strategy at Wageningen University and Research, emphasizing the engagement of all stakeholders within academia, from university leaders to students. This approach involves setting ambitious yet realistic goals throughout the university's organizational structure, ensuring that objectives align with the principles of sustainability. She emphasized that achieving a sustainable mindset extending beyond the next generations requires more than just incorporating it into the curriculum. It involves instilling in future generations the character of responsible citizens committed to protecting their environment. This transformation should commence at the community level and extend to encompass the entire world. As an institution, it is essential for us to acknowledge the crucial role that universities play in society, especially in shaping the education of future generations and leading the way in sustainability initiatives.

UI GreenMetric is committed to championing sustainability. We remain steadfast in our collaboration with institutions and environmental communities to amplify awareness about the significance of sustainability, particularly within the higher education sphere.

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Written by: Yovita Y. Yamin