Innovative Waste Solutions for a Sustainable Tomorrow

In celebration of National Waste Day on the 21st of February each year, we seized a valuable opportunity to collaborate with Bank Sampah Bersinar, represented by its Director, Fei Febri, and UN SDSN Youth Indonesia, featuring Salma Ranggita in her role as Network Coordinator. This collaborative initiative facilitated a profound exploration of innovative waste solutions with a vision towards ensuring a sustainable future.

During the insightful discussion, Fei Febri emphasized the crucial need to revisit the grassroots of waste management, underscoring the fundamental importance of instilling basic knowledge in waste sorting among individuals. She highlighted that this foundational knowledge serves as a cornerstone, laying the essential groundwork without which progress toward more advanced waste solutions would be challenging. Fei Febri's perspective underscored the necessity of building a strong foundation in waste management education for everyone, emphasizing that it is the key to advancing to the next level in our collective journey toward sustainable waste solutions.

Salma Ranggita brought attention to the pivotal role of youth in environmental stewardship and the transformative power of partnerships among various stakeholders. She emphasized that fostering a supportive environment is critical to achieving heightened awareness and actionable efforts. Salma stressed that cultivating a supportive ecosystem is essential for youth engagement and collaboration with environmental stakeholders, underlining the need for collective action to address pressing environmental concerns.

As we collaborate with Bank Sampah Bersinar and UN SDSN Youth Indonesia, we aim to showcase our commitment to environmental sustainability. Through these collaborative efforts, we strive to raise awareness, inspire action, and contribute to the ongoing global dialogue on innovative waste solutions. By addressing the core aspects of waste management, fostering youth involvement, and building meaningful partnerships, we envision a future where our collective actions lead to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world.

Written by: Yovita Y. Yamin