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UI GreenMetric in National Workshop for Hungarian Universities 2019

The National Workshop on UI GreenMetric for Hungarian universities were conducted at the University of Pecs on 15 July 2019 and University of Szeged on 16 July 2019. This year the national workshops are hosted by University of Szeged and University of Pecs who are the national coordinators of UI GreenMetric for Hungary. On 15 July 2019 the event in University of Pecs opened by Prof. Dr. Attila Miseta (The Rector of University of Pécs) and György Berkes (Director, Chancellery, Technical Services Directorate, University of Pécs). There were some speakers in this workshop: Mr. Csaba Vér (Pécs City Council), Mr. Zoltán Madaras (Chairperson, Baranya County Council), Mr. Balázs Borkovits (University of Pécs), Dr. Bálint Baranyai (University of Pécs), Dr. Balázs Mez?si (Hungarian Innovation and Efficiency Nonprofit Ltd.). The next day in Szeged at the other city 188 km away from Pecs, the UI GreenMetric event was opened by Dr. Judit Fendler (Chancellor of the University of Szeged), Prof. Dr. Márta Széll (Vice-Rector for Strategic Planning of the University of Szeged), Prof. Dr. Róbert Gábriel (Vice-Rector for General Affairs, Science and Innovation of the University of Pécs), and Prof. Riri Fitri Sari (Chairperson of UI GreenMetric). There were presentations related to the 6 UI GreenMetric World University Ranking criteria. The chair of this session is Dr. Dénes Mátyás (Quality Management and Strategic Planning Officer, University of Szeged), with the speakers: Mr. László Gyarmati (Director, Univeristy of Szeged József Attila Study and Information Center), Dr. Bertalan Radvánszky (Coordinator, Green University Program, University of Pécs), Viktória Mudra (Sustainability Coordinator, Eötvös Loránd University), and Dr. György Málovics (Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Research Centre, University of Szeged). As this is the first national workshop in Hungary, UI GreenMetric team delivered a speech on step-by-step guideline to complete UI GreenMetric questionaire as well as some lessons learned from other universities in other countries. There also new universities coming and sign our declaration of membership. This shows that universities in Hungary are willing to get connected with other universities which have the same understanding of the importance of being green campus. As our data shows that there were still rooms for improvement for Hungarian universities to be green. UI GreenMetric can be used as a tool to make continuous improvement of Hungarian universities to be sustainable. With the active and dynamic network we have, we hope that Hungarian universities can utilize this potential and collaborate with other universities. Hopefully, this is an excellent beginning of our collaboration to make our universities and the world a better place.
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