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UI GreenMetric launches the “1st International Student Leader Meeting” (ISLM) on 21-24 November 2022

UI GreenMetric launched a new student program entitled the "1st International Student Leader Meeting" (ISLM) on 21-24 November 2022. This event was held with the collaboration of UI GreenMetric partner university, Universitas Diponegoro, in Semarang, Central Java. This program was established following the success of the "1st National Student Leader Meeting" (NSLSM) in 2021, where the program succeeded in bringing concrete and impactful effects to its participants, universities, and their environment. The 1st ISLM gathered more than 50 international students to learn further, grow and collaborate on matters regarding sustainability. The ISLM has three main objectives, which are (1) to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and the human resources required for its realization and maintenance in communities and universities; (2) to accommodate the exchange of sustainability-related experiences among students from various global universities and (3) to foster the development of future sustainable leaders. These objectives can be achieved through various activities in this program, such as seminars, forum group discussions, eco-enzyme workshops, international youth declaration on sustainability issues, field action, competition, and cultural performances. The opening ceremony signaled the program's start in the Merapi Ballroom of Novotel Hotel Semarang. Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum. (Rector of Universitas Diponegoro) and Dr. Nyoman Suwartha, S.T, M.T, M.Agr (Vice-Chair of Administration, Research, and Development UIGM) gave a brief welcome speech at the opening ceremony. A discussion session followed these speeches with H. Taj Yasin Maimoen (Vice Governor of Central Java) as the keynote speaker and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wiwandari Handayani (Professor at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Engineering – Diponegoro University) as the moderator. Mr. Maimoen delivered a brief lecture on the importance of leadership in transforming a sustainable region. The opening ceremony ended with a Universitas Diponegoro Green Campus Video Performance. On the second day of the program (22 November), participants focused on attending an international seminar and FGD session. Prof. Faisal, S.E., M.Si., Ph.D. (Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs of Universitas Diponegoro) gave an opening speech before officially starting the international seminar. The seminar has a star-studded lineup of speakers, which are:
  1. Sri Mulyani Indrawati, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Minister of Finance Indonesia)
  2. Represented by: Titik Anas (Special Staff for Regional Fiscal Policy Formulation) Topic: "Facing a Global Economic Recession in 2023: What Young Generation Can Do"
  3. Dyah Roro Esti Widya Putri, BA, PG.Dip, MSc. (Member of Commission VII of the Indonesian House of Representatives)
  4. Topic: "Renewable Energy for Sustainable Universities"
  5. Prof. Dr. Ir. Ambariyanto, M.Sc (Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation, and Collaboration)
  6. Topic: "Sustainability Student"
  7. Sitara Kumbale [Regional Focal Point (Asia-Pacific) of Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Youth]
  8. Topic: "Networking as a Tool for Sustainable Universities Implementation"
At the end of each session, many program participants were eager to raise their questions to the speakers. All speakers responded to these enthusiastic youths with interesting and insightful answers. After the lunch break, the program's second day proceeded with an FGD session. Participants were divided into six groups which are;
  1. Setting and Infrastructure
  2. Head of Panel: Anggun Puspitarini Siswanto, Ph.D.
  3. Energy and Climate Change
  4. Head of Panel: Rukuh Setiadi, S.T., MEM. Ph.D.
  5. Water Management
  6. Head of Panel: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wiwandari Handayani
  7. Waste Management
  8. Head of Panel: Dr. Ling, Ika Bagus Priyambada, ST., M.Eng.
  9. Transportation
The FGD session is followed by a pledge signing session where participants sign an "International Youth Declaration." This pledge was signed by student representatives from 14 different countries worldwide. The next agenda after signing the pledge was an eco-enzyme workshop led by Dr. Ir. Nurzainah Ginting, M.Sc, (Head of the Eco-enzyme Team of UI GreenMetric World University Rankings Network). The workshop aimed to introduce eco-enzyme as an alternative to organic waste management to support sustainability. After dinner, the program proceeded with a discussion session led by Dr. Junaidi, S.S. MA., on "Student's Role in Sustainability." Participants of the 1st ISLM wrapped the second day with an art performance showcasing traditional Indonesian culture. Field action was the third and final day's main agenda of the 1st ISLM. On 23 November 2022, participants headed to Mangrove Forest Marine Science and Techno Park in Jepara. Throughout the day, the participants engaged in various activities inside the park, such as mangrove tracking, sustainable shrimp farming, mangrove tree planting, and coastal cleanup. The whole program officially ended with the closing ceremony, where the committee announced the best participant, the poster competition winner, and the next host of ISLM 2023. UI GreenMetric would like to thank Universitas Diponegoro and the team at SDGs Center for their fantastic work in realizing this international program. UI GreenMetric hopes the program facilitates the exchange of new insights and perspectives on best practices in establishing a sustainable future led by youth leaders worldwide.