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UI GreenMetric: a Keynote Agenda in the 3rd General Assembly Green University Union of Taiwan (GUUT) 2017

National Ping Tung University of Science and Technology as a national coordinator of UI GreenMetric for Taiwan invited UI GreenMetric team to deliver a keynote speech at the 3rd General Assembly of Green University Union of Taiwan (GUUT) 2017, on 22 September 2017, at National Cheng Kung Universit (NCKU), Nantau, Central Taiwan. Green University Union of Taiwan (GUUT) is a non-profit organization with objectives to share Green University information and enhancing cooperation among universities and integrating government, business, and non-government organizations to enhance the sustainable management and development of Taiwan universities. The goal of the GUUT is to enhance the sustainable development of the university in Taiwan. The GUUT conference was attended by 43 universities from Taiwan. The event began with remarks from the Chairman of GUUT, President of NCKU, Dr. Huey Jenny Su, Chairman of GUUT Organizer, President of NCNU, Yuhlong Oliver Su, and Chairperson of UI GreenMetric Rankings, Prof. Dr. Riri Fitri Sari. After the opening speech, the event continued with a presentation from Prof. Riri Fitri Sari and Prof. Tommy Ilyas from UI GreenMetric. They presented Trends and Current Development in UI GreenMetric Rankings and Methodology. Subsequently, Rector and representative of Rector of each Taiwan universities signed the declaration of membership for UI GreenMetric. This is followed by a presentation from top universities at the Taiwanese league of UI GreenMetric. The speakers, i.e. Dr. Jik-Chang Leong from National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST), Yi-Ching Chen, Ph.D. from Da-Yeh University, and Ku-Fan Chen, Ph. D. from National Chin Nan University, presented best practices from their universities. During the afternoon, the participants are involved in the election of the governance of GUUT. Some participants took part in the Campus Tour of the NCNU beautiful Green campus. The campus provided an area in which visitors can learn the lifestyle, housing, and food of the original tribe of Central part of Taiwan. In this event typical costume, food and drink of the indigenous people were presented. The participants were also greeted by Chi Nan University South East Asia Musical Performance by showing their skill in playing Gamelan Music Instrument of Indonesia. The performance was conducted in the very nice set of the panoramic view of NCNU from the 5th floor of the prominent library building. After the series of events was over, UI GreenMetric team was invited to visit the beautiful scenery of Sun Moon Lake.
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