The National Workshop UI GreenMetric in Saudi Arabia hosted by King Abdulaziz University

The three days Saudi Arabia National Workshop of UI GreenMetric was completed on May 4th 2018. It was hosted by the King Abdulaziz University (KAU). The workshop was held on 1, 2 and 4 May 2018, aimed to enhance the participation of Saudi Arabia universities in UI GreenMetric, towards a sustainable 360 degrees approach in terms of infrastructures, waste, water, energy and climate change, transportation and education.
The Workshop was attended by 27 participants from 3 Universities in Saudi Arabia i.e. King Abdulaziz University Majmaah University, University of Jeddah. The workshop was managed by the Vice Rector of King Abdulaziz University, Prof. Amin Naoman and attended by Dean and Vice Dean from KAU.  In addition the UI team also visit to the University of Ummul Quro, Islamic University of Madinah and King Abdulaziz University. The visit was facilitated University meeting By Dr. Habib Fardoun of KAU.
On the 1st of May 2018, UI GreenMetric delegation visited the University of Ummul Quro, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Despite the country's characteristic of arid cilmate, the University of Ummul Quro seeks to create a green field in a campus environment with large differences of views. The visit was hosted by Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed Alghandi, the Vice Rector of Ummul Quro University.

On the 4th May 2018, the main event of the UI GreenMetric Workshop was held in Auditorium of King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The head of Research of Climate Change of King Abdulaziz University presented their achievements. King Abdulaziz University conveys the efforts that have been made in environmental sustainability.

In general, the participants are those who play an university important role in policy making and implementation of sustainability in their respective campuses such as vice rectors, directors, and directorates of facilities, as well as vice deans related to infrastructure and general and sustainability office.
In addition, GreenMetric UI delegates have also been given the opportunity to visit High Performance Computing Data Centre and the Climate Change Center. On this occasion in addition to showing their own laboratories, KAU also presented some of the research achievements.

On the third day, GreenMetric UI Team made a visit to the Islamic University of Madinah, Medina, Saudi Arabia. On this occasion GreenMetric UI Team discussed with Prof. Dr. Mohammad Arahman Qadah (Vice-Chancellor of International Cooperation & Knowledge Exchange) and Dr. Mohamed Qori related to efforts made by Islamic University of Madinah to keep the environment on campus.