The 7th National Workshop on UI GreenMetric World University Ranking for Universities in Colombia

This workshop, hosted by Universidad Militar Nueva Granada (UMNG), Colombia, took place on September 25-26, 2023. The inaugural session featured opening remarks by Major General (R) Javier Alberto Ayala Amaya, Rector of UMNG, expressing the honor of hosting the UI GreenMetric workshop and highlighting the pivotal role of universities in achieving sustainability. Ambassador H.E. Tatang Budie Utama Razak expressed profound gratitude to UMNG for graciously hosting this momentous event. He underscored the workshop's pivotal role in fostering people-to-people contractual collaborations between Colombia and Indonesia, with a special emphasis on strengthening academic ties to deepen their bilateral relationship. During this occasion, he eloquently presented Indonesia's notable achievements across diverse sectors, particularly highlighting the nation's significant strides in the realm of education.
Opening Remarks by H.E. Tatang Budie Utama Razak

Major General (R) Javier Alberto Ayala Amaya

Subsequently, Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari, M.M., M.Sc., provided insights into the vision and mission of UI GreenMetric, its history, the agenda for 2023, and the upward trajectory of UI GreenMetric Rankings. She aspires to expand Colombian university participation in UI GreenMetric beyond previous years.

Opening Remarks by Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari, M.M., M.Sc.

Following the opening remarks, UI GreenMetric presented plaques to the Rector of UMNG and the Indonesian Ambassador to Colombia, reciprocated with a group photo.

Plaque Bestowals

Group Photo; Speakers and Participants

The workshop progressed with Dr. Junaidi, Vice-Chair of UI GreenMetric, explaining how the ranking system works. He went into detail about the six criteria and 39 indicators used for scoring, highlighting specific steps that need to be taken in the future to align with UI GreenMetric's vision and mission for sustainability. He also underscored the correlation between active participation in UI GreenMetric initiatives and the adoption of sustainable practices.

Presentation by Dr. Junaidi, S.S., M.A.

Workshop Situation

Following the presentation from Dr. Junaidi, S.S., M.A., the signing of the Declaration of UI GreenMetric Membership took place. The universities that signed the declaration included:
  • Universidad de America
  • Universidad Simon Bolivar
  • Universidad del Tolima
  • Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas
Continuing the agenda, Dr. Maria Clara Rangel Galvis, Rector of Universidad El Bosque, and Dr. Jaime Alberto Romero Infante, UI GreenMetric National Coordinator for Universities in Colombia, expressed gratitude to the UI GreenMetric team for their presence in Colombia. They underscored the importance of UI GreenMetric for universities as a sustainability practice crucial for the future.

Opening Remarks by Dr. Maria Clara Rangel Galvis

Dr. Jaime Alberto Romero Infante

Over the enlightening two-day workshop, selected Colombian universities had the opportunity to share their best practices based on the six criteria of UI GreenMetric. The speakers included: First day:
  • Edwin Andrés Mora Aristizábal (Universidad de Antioquía)
  • Edwin Roberto González (Universidad la Sabana)
  • Aníbal Maury Ramírez & Jaime A. Romero Infante (Universidad del Bosque)
  • Paola Andrea Calderón Cuartas (Universidad Católica de Manizales)
  • Mónica Sofía Rico Ramírez (Universidad de la Sabana)
  • Luz Alejandra Cerón Rincón & TCCIM Helmuth Elias Becerra Díaz (Escuela Superior de Guerra)
  • Mónica Sofía Rico Ramírez (Universidad del Bosque)
  • Darwin Ortega Chamorro (Fundación Parque Jaime Duque)
  • Martha Tovar. Antarctic (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
  • Juan Carlos Vélez (Prodensa Executive Director)
  • María Angélica Suárez Jaraba (Pontifical Javeriana University)

Second day:
  • Camilo Arturo Peraza González (Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales)
  • Laura Yineth Cuervo Martínez (Universidad de America)
  • Clara Inés Vásquez Londoño (Ecologística SAS-ESP)
  • Martha Patricia Plata Delgado (Universidad de Santander)
  • Juan Camilo Gómez Caipa (Universidad de America)
  • Mario Andrés Gandini Ayerbe (Universidad Autónoma de Occidente)
  • Karol Lucia Fuentes, Laura Estefanía Vanegas, Alan Josué Álvarez, Tatiana Rodríguez Chaparro (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)
  • Andrea Díaz Pulido (Universidad del Rosario)
To conclude the workshop, UI GreenMetric unveiled their forthcoming plans for the next International Workshop of UI GreenMetric (IWGM) in Colombia, scheduled for June 4th to 7th, 2024. They extended an invitation to all universities in Colombia to prepare research journals and actively participate in this event. In summary, the goal of this workshop is to boost the participation of Colombian universities in the UI GreenMetric Rankings and Networks. Acknowledging the enthusiasm and dedication of various institutions to sustainability, the vision and mission persist in their commitment to fostering positive change for a better future.
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