The 1st National Workshop on UI GreenMetric for Universities in Spain

On May 24, 2024, the University of Vigo hosted the 1st National Workshop on UI GreenMetric for Universities in Spain. This event, held in the picturesque surroundings of the Universidade de Vigo, aimed to bring together academic leaders and sustainability experts to discuss and promote sustainable practices within Spanish universities. The workshop featured a comprehensive schedule, blending insightful presentations, keynote lectures, and interactive discussions.

The workshop commenced with a video profile highlighting the University of Vigo and the UI GreenMetric initiative. Following this, the Rector of the University of Vigo, along with Professor Riri, formally welcomed the participants, setting the tone for a day of knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The first session of presentations, featuring a series of expert speakers. Dr. Junaidi from UI GreenMetric opened the session, providing an overview of GreenMetric's objectives and achievements. Xavier Lavandeira delivered a keynote lecture, offering valuable insights into the integration of sustainability in higher education. Jorge Jesús Gómez from Universidad Complutense presented on their sustainability initiatives, followed by Carolina Paiz from Universidad de Granada. The session concluded with a joint presentation by María Sarabia and Manuel Ocaña from Universidad de Alcalá, detailing their environmental management strategies.

The second session of presentations resumed at noon. Armand Hernández from Universidad de la Coruña shared their sustainability projects and progress. Rubén Regueira from Universidad de Santiago de Compostela discussed their innovative approaches to sustainable development. Representatives from the host institution, Delfina Couce and Camilo Carrillo of Universidad de Vigo, wrapped up the session with an engaging presentation on their university's green initiatives.

The workshop concluded with a round table discussion where participants engaged in an open dialogue, addressing key challenges and exploring collaborative opportunities to enhance sustainability across Spanish universities.

The workshop exemplified the collaborative spirit necessary for advancing sustainability in higher education. Participants shared best practices, success stories, and lessons learned from their respective institutions. Presentations and discussions were geared towards providing actionable insights that universities could implement to improve their sustainability metrics. This practical focus ensured that attendees left with concrete ideas and strategies to apply at their institutions. The event brought together a diverse group of universities, each contributing unique perspectives and experiences. This diversity enriched the discussions and highlighted the varied approaches to sustainability within the Spanish higher education context.

The 1st National Workshop on UI GreenMetric for Universities in Spain was a resounding success, fostering a robust exchange of ideas and reinforcing the commitment of Spanish universities to sustainability. The Universidade de Vigo's efforts in hosting this significant event underscored the importance of collaboration and continuous improvement in the pursuit of a greener future. As universities continue to work together within the UI GreenMetric framework, events like this workshop play a crucial role in driving collective progress towards environmental sustainability.