Collaboration of UI GreenMetric and Universidade Federal de Lavraz in Collaboration for National Workshop in Brazil

National Workshop on UI GreenMetric for Brazilian universities was held at the Universidade Federal de Lavraz, Brazil on 9-10 September 2019. The event was opened by a speech by Prof. José Roberto Soares Scolforo (Rector, UFLA) and Dr. Nyoman Suwartha (Vice-Chair of UI GreenMetric). The workshop is divided into several sessions. The first session was about UI GreenMetric World University Rankings: Trends and Challenges, with Dr. Nyoman Suwartha and Prof. Tércio Ambrizzi (UI GWURN National Coordinator for universities in Brazil) as the speakers. Then followed by Dr. Muhammad Fuad who presented UI GreenMetric indicators and data submission process. The next session was a presentation entitled Best Brazilian Universities in 2018 UI GreenMetric World University Ranking. Several speakers from 5 universities in Brazil presented their best practices in sustainability, i.e. Prof. Marcio Machado Ladeira (UFLA), Prof. Tércio Ambrizzi (USP), Ms. Melissa Casacchi Antunes (PUC RIO), Prof. Werner Farkatt Tabosa (UNI-RN), Prof. Ronaldo Fia (UFLA), Mr. Ulisses Bifano Comini (UFV), and Mr. Joaquim Paulo da Silva (UFLA). After the break a discussion about GreenMetric Brazil National Network: Thematic Priority Activities was led by Prof. Tércio Ambrizzi (Brazilian National Coordinator of UI GWURN). The first day of the workshop closed with closing remarks by Dr. Nyoman Suwartha. The second day started with an open discussion about UFLA: Endemic Coordination-Management and Challenges hosted by Dra. Joziana Muniz de Paiva Barçante (UFLA). Then the participants toured around the UFLA campus. One interesting thing about UFLA is that their campus is able to manage 3 campus lakes as a source of drinking water for civitas academica. Furthermore the participants also visited the sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant, reforestation areas, chemical waste management and other campus facilities.