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It’s All Coming Back to Us

“You can pretend to be what you know, but you can only create what you are.” John C. Maxwell

Hello, I am Jeanette Helena Sanggor, a delegate from Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, who took part in the 2nd NSLSM 2022 at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University, Banten, on November 9-10, 2022. Through the 2nd National Leaders on Sustainability Meeting, I met many people from all over Indonesia and learned many things related to sustainability. Through the discussions that were held, I heard that many campuses have built sustainability into their environments and some have not. But through this activity, I realized that the most important sustainability comes from myself. How do we want to become agents of change on our respective campuses. This motivates me to continue to innovate and take part in sustainability issues.

In this activity, we carried out the Declaration of Indonesian Students Protecting the Environment, which contains six points out of six UI Green Metric indicators, so that as students, we can take actions that can protect the environment. These indicators include campus infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste management, water use, transportation, as well as education and research. Extraordinary material was also presented, one of which was the theory of change. Regarding input, activity, output, outcome, and impact that we as students can give to change the world for the better

Through this event, i believe that it all comes back to us. How can we return to our original campuses and act as agents of change? Is Become a sustainable student in terms of ways of thinking, innovation, and action in realizing a sustainable campus.

Thankyou for being a part of my life, nice to meet you guys!