International Symposium on Disruptive Learning Pathways - Inseec University

The world of higher education is changing in profound ways and not only in the wake of the COVID-19-related health crisis that is accelerating the digital transition of Higher Education. It is also faced with the challenge of responding to the urgency of climate change and more broadly to the need for learners to develop new and highly specific skills to move towards reaching the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. As such, this silent revolution is underway in higher education institutions worldwide. These fundamental trends are changing not only what should be taught, but also how best to teach it. From the wide range of changes such as active learning, inclusive pedagogies, online and hybrid courses, and green skills, institutions are building on their core strengths while challenging long-held assumptions about how teaching and learning take place. We believe it is important to reflect and exchange on the experiences and challenges that we all face in the volatile international context of Higher Education. This goal of this symposium is to identify ways of ensuring that our students receive the highest possible quality learning experiences. Experts from industry and academia from all over the world will share their experiences and discuss the latest innovations in disruptive learning pathways for fostering success in education. The symposium provides the perfect platform for discussing possible educational challenges and ways to overcome them. We would like to invite you to use this opportunity to share your current experience - and to learn from elsewhere - on how to better serve all generations of students with the latest trends (and controversies) in learning pathways. To do this, we are focusing on the themes of: 1. Smart & Green Campuses 2. Digital technologies & Artificial Intelligence 3. Comodal / Hyflex Teaching and the shift to video-based teaching 4. Change Management in Higher Education INSEEC U, as the national coordinator of the UI GreenMetric international ranking of higher education institutions most committed to Sustainable Development, is co-organizing this international symposium with the University of Indonesia (as the creator of this global ranking) with the third edition of the ‘National Workshop on UI GreenMetrics in France’. Special thanks go to Professor Riri Fitri Sari, President of the UI GreenMetric, as co-partner of this event and for his commitment to Sustainable Development, especially with regard to the environmental dimension, in universities around the world and especially in France. You can watch this event here