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Banyuwangi International Cultural Heritage and Community Services 2023

Banyuwangi International Cultural Heritage and Community Services 2023 UI GreenMetric held an International Cultural Heritage and Community Services this year in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, Indonesia, in collaboration with the Faculty of Science and Technology, Airlangga University. This event was held from September 7 until September 9, 2023. The participants of this event are lecturers from various countries who have registered for the GLACIAL (Global Citizenship Conference of Airlangga) 2023 event, along with UIGM participants and Airlangga University Lecturers.

Airlangga University Lecturers, UIGM Representatives, and other participants

The workshop is the main event on the first day of the program. However, prior to this, Dr. Fatmawati, M.Si., Vice-Dean III, and Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari, M.M., M.Sc., Chairperson of UI GreenMetric, delivered an inspiring opening speech for all the attendees. A key point emphasized in the speech was the belief that many attendees could become leaders in sustainability, positively impacting our community and daily lives. The event will likely lead to collaborative programs and efforts toward finding solutions to sustainability challenges.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari, M.M., M.Sc., Chairperson of UI GreenMetric

The first keynote Speaker of the workshop, Prof. Win Darmanto, M.Si., Ph.D., brought up the theme "Community Empowerment in Urban Area through Life on Land Aspect: Best Practices.” From what was presented, the One Health concept is about bringing up the four big pillars: human health, plant health, animal health, and environmental health. He highlighted that the indicator of health is not just physical but also from aspect mental, physiology, genetics, and lifestyle.

Prof. Win Darmanto, M.Si., Ph.D

During the event, Susy Katikana Sebayang, S.P., M.Sc., Ph.D., delivered an excellent keynote speech on the theme "Best Practice for Improvement Sustainability Campus" in the SIKIA-UNAIR Banyuwangi Regency. She discussed some of the successful initiatives that SIKIA-UNAIR had implemented in the past, such as the zero-waste movement through coastal health, eco-brick greenhouse construction, marine ecosystem preservation, optimization of turtle conservation, and coastal vegetation through the empowerment of the Santen Island tourism group in Karangrejo Village. In addition, she also spoke about human resource development, which increased the productivity of the sustainable local chicken farming business and environmental health in PPDKN in Ringintelu Village, and training in fish and environmental health management, which helped raise the productivity of fish farmers in Genteng district.

Susy Katikana Sebayang, S.P., M.Sc., Ph.D

During the workshop, another three different speakers presented on topics related to sustainable community development. The third speaker was Prof. Dr. Dra. Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, M.Si., who discussed the idea of Sustainable International Community Development. Following her, the fourth speaker of the event, Dr. Junaidi, S.S., M.A., Vice-chair of the Program, Communication, and Partnership of UI GreenMetric, spoke on the topic of Community Development for the Sustainability Campus. Finally, Audi Hamim Zaidan, M.Si, Ph.D., the last speaker, presented an interesting topic called Community Services in Coastal Area towards SDGs.

Dr. Junaidi, S.S., M.A., the Vice-chair of the Program, Communication, and Partnership of UI Greenmetric

Audi Hamim Zaidan, M.Si, Ph.D

On September 8, 2023, the Community Service or Pengmas team from the UI GreenMetric Network started the day with a curriculum work plan meeting for KKN-MBKM. During this meeting, the Pengmas team formulated a framework for the Multidisciplinary Approach Community Development (MACD) program, which aims to apply knowledge and experience, enhance public understanding of related issues, foster creativity and problem-solving skills, and promote the sharing of local culture among students. The program's theme is undoubtedly related to the six indicators of UI GreenMetric: energy, clean water, liquid and solid waste management, landscaping and infrastructure, and transportation.

Curriculum work meeting for KKN-MBKM with the Community Service team from UI GreenMetric Network

On the final day of the event, which took place on September 9, 2023, lecturers from Airlangga University traveled to Santen Island to release sea tutle hatchlings and have discussion sessions. The event concluded with a closing speech given by SIKIA Director, and UI GreenMetric. Gallery:

Live stream available on UI GreenMetric's YouTube channel:

Written by: Nadhira Rahmani Zulkarnain & Yovita Yiwananda Yamin S.Hum., M.Si