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Almaty, Kazakhstan - 4th Location for UI GreenMetric National Workshop

On June 14-17, 2017, a National Workshop of UI GreenMetric hosted by Kazakh National Agrarian University (Kaznau) was organised in Almaty. It was attended by 10 Rectors / Vice Rectors of Agrarian Universities from former Uni-Soviet countries, 35 Rectors /University representatives from Kazakhstan, Kaznau academicians, lecturers, staff and student activist in environment. During the opening speech of Prof. Tlektes Yespalov, Rector of Kaznau presented the award of Honorary Professorship to Prof. Riri Fitri Sari of UI Greenmetric. UI GreenMetric team and participants were overwhelmed by the Kazakh traditional welcome and the arrangement of the conference. Mr. Junaidi, UI GreenMetric expert member deliver the speech on the introduction of UI GreenMetric. Subsequently, Prof T. Tashibaeva of Al-Farabi Kaznu presentes the condition of Green Office in the largest Kazakh university. Campus tour of Kaznau provided the opportunity for the participant to visit the Japan-Kazakh Research Centers. In the afternoon session Prof Riri Fitri Sari chaired the sessions. Dr. A. Shilibekovabof Atyrau State University , Prof Riri Fitri Saru, Prod Falk m-Juri Knauft of Kaznau, and Ms. D. Dushnuyazova od AgriTechHub, are among the speakers. Finally the step by step submission procedure for UI GreenMetric were presented. Prof. Riri Fitri Sari conveyed about Energy and Campus Sustainability and step to submission data UI GreenMetric. On 15-16 June, all workshop participants visited Kaznau Agriculture and Farming Center near Issik and Dendira, outside Almaty city. Teaching classrooms are set above the modern cattle ranch, for students to study the state of the art condition. This proves that Green campus idea is real and can be implemented. UI GreenMetric has been popular among many agricultural-based universities, because the campus is very green. During the workshop program, there was the signing ceremony to be member of UI GreenMetric Network by 6 Rectors from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarussia, Russia (Moscow), Lithuania, Slovakia. Video: