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Top 3 Indonesia's Sustainable City in UI GreenCityMetric Ranking 2023

"The UI GreenCityMetric will strengthen and collaborate with the implementation of the Government Regulation on Urban Areas. It can also serve as a reference in elaborating on the cities in Indonesia concerning environmental issues, sustainable development, innovation, and collaboration. Hopefully, this collaboration can be further nurtured in the future for the betterment of Indonesia.

Dr. Safrizal ZA, M.Si
Director-General of Regional Administration Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, Indonesia


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Timeline UI GreenCityMetric.

21 August - 31 October
Questionnaire UI GreenCityMetric

Data Submission

November 2023
Questionnaire UI GreenCityMetric

Evaluation and Validation

December 2023
Questionnaire UI GreenCityMetric

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