Wrap Up of The 3rd International Workshop on UI GreenMetric 2017

Wrap Up of The 3rd International Workshop on UI GreenMetric 2017

The 3rd International Workshop on UI GreenMetric 2017 were conducted on 10th April 2017 at Istanbul University with 11 Rectors/Vice Rectors presentation and 14 representative of Rector. 44 universities from 17 countries have participated in this workshop. It is the first workshop of UI GreenMetric that hosted by University other than University of Indonesia, i.e B├╝lent Ecevit University and Istanbul University. We held the UI GWURN Committee Meeting in the first day of the workshop.
UI GreenMetric World University Ranking Network is established to be a paltform for sharing best practices and encourage more universities to put sustainability agenda as one of their priorities. As a global network of universities concerned with sustainability , UI GWURN seeks to advance the efforts of its members and contribute to global society.

We also invite all participants to send us information to be distributed through the UI GreenMetric Website for information sharing. If your university is interested to be the GreenMetric Hub in which you can lead to organise a Workshop that can invite your colleagues in your region, i.e Vice Chancellor for facilities and sustainability and their Director/officers to join the workshop. UI GreenMetric team can come for a coaching session, so that more universities universities join and aware of their Sustainability Program Indicators improvement.
Let us know your idea , proposed schedule and whether we can work together to organize it.

Thank you so much for your support to UI GreenMetric

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