UI GreenMetric World University Rankings: At a glance
For the last 7 years, UI GreenMetric has become one of the flagship programs of Universitas Indonesia that ranks universities around the world based on appointed indicators of campus environmental issues such as setting and infrastructure, energy, waste management, water, and transportation, and education. This ranking is one of the university’s initiatives in promoting sustainability in campuses and involving stakeholders in any kind of efforts to create a sustainable environment for the world.It is conducted through an online questionnaire system in which universities provide data about sustainability indicators in their respective universities which will be then automatically processed into a ranking.

Conducted since 2010, the ranking has ranked 515 universities from 75 countries around the world so far. It has seen a dramatic increase from 95 universities in 2010 to 515 universities in 2016. The increasing number shows that UI GreenMetric World University Rankings has been acknowledged as the first and only world university rankings on sustainability.

In 2016 UI GreenMetric has a wide impact in promoting sustainability practices to universities, reaching up to 515 universities from 75 countries involving 1.537.789 faculty members, 16.500.614 students and more than US$ 48.892.548.416 total research fund on environment and sustainability with participating institutions located on the dynamic, and diverse Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, America and Oceania. The creation of a strategic framework that includes universities around the world will take this initiative one step ahead.


The Next Phase

Founded in 2010, UI GreenMetric World University Rankings was encouraged by the opportunity that universities can do in facing common sustainability challenges the world is facing. In 2016, 515 universities from 75 countries have participated in the ranking and have significantly changed their attitudes towards sustainability challenges in their own contexts. Inspired by the enthusiasm of these universities, UI GreenMetric World University Rankings Network is established to be a platform for sharing best practices and encourage more universities to put sustainability agenda as one of their priorities.

UI GreenMetric World University Rankings Network envisages to be a mature sustainability network with a broad spectrum of activities:

  • administrator-focused
  • research-focused
  • professional bench-marking
  • networks of academic and sustainability leaders