UI GreenMetric Visit to Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands

UI GreenMetric Visit to Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands

On October 3rd, 2018, Prof. Riri Fitri Sari, Chair of UI GreenMetric, visited Wageningen University, Netherlands. She was welcomed by Mr. Peter Booman, Director of Facilities and Services.

Mr. Joris Fortuin, the Head of Educational Facilities presented Wageningen University approach to sustainability. In his presentation he mentioned UI GreenMetric’s influence in the strategic plan of Wageningen University and also explained the efforts of Wageningen University in sustainability to achieve the best position in UI GreenMetric 2017. Different aspect of university sustainability related offices was presented by a few staff member, including Mrs. Erna Waters.

Mr. Joris Fortuin presented Wageningen University approach to sustainability

The team showed Prof. Riri Fitri Sari to the Wageningen University Forum building accompanied by Mrs. Linde Berg, the staff of Wageningen University Green Office. A group of student leader in sustainability related organization were present to explain their various student organizations aims.

Prof. Riri Fitri Sari with a group of student leader in sustainability related organization

In the forum building, an energy-saving system and recycling of Green Office waste are also used. Waste management services are carried out in an integrated manner by sorting various types of waste with a large number of trash bins, which are ready to be processed outsourced and taken by teams from outside the campus. All garbage is weighed manually, and by using the android system, daily reports are sent to the server, to get garbage data managed and processed throughout the campus by an outsourcing company.

A formal meeting was held with Prof. Arthur Mol, Rector of Wageningen University, at his office in the Atlas Building. Prof. Arthur Mol explained the condition of the sustainability program at Wageningen University and also gave a very high appreciation to UI GreenMetric.

Prof. Riri Fitri Sari with Prof. Arthur Mol

Visiting the Wageningen Campus field followed by seeing very futuristic World Soil Museum. Wageningen University has a large water absorption area, multilevel bicycle parking areas, and other green campus features. The visit to Student Farming, a garden managed by students to apply their knowledge was also conducted.

Sustainable greenhouse


World Soil Museum in Wageningen University


Visit to Student Farming in Wageningen University

The Sustainability Team of Wageningen University also showed us the facility management, a system to organize smart buildings in the entire building at Wageningen University. In addition, the system also used Building Information Management which is widely used in the Netherlands. It is evident that the Netherlands has digital data of existing buildings on its construction, electricity, mechanical and other facilities.