Universitas Indonesia (UI) released the results of its GreenMetric Ranking of World Universities on 16th January 2015.  This is the fifth  year of this ranking which compares universities efforts towards campus sustainability and environment friendly university management. it  was announced by the university Rector, Prof. Muhammad Anis, Prof Gunawan Tjahjono, and the Chairperson of UI Greenmetric Prof. Riri Fitri Sari at the Central Administration Building, Depok.

This year, 360 universities from 62 countries took part, which is an increase from last year with 301 universities from 60 countries.  University of nottingham in UK was ranked first with a score of 7,803, followed by University College Cork National University of Ireland in the Ireland (score 7,553) and third by Nottingham Trent University   (score 7,530). The UC Davis, ... Read More...

Subject: Invitation to participate in UI Green Metric World University Sustainability Ranking 2014

Dear Sir/Madame,

It is with great pleasure that I write to invite your institution to participate in our world ranking of university sustainability – Green Metric.

Since the last 4 years, UI GreenMetric has become one of the flagship programs of Universitas Indonesia that ranked universities throughout the world according to appointed indicators of campus environmental issues such as setting and infrastructure, energy, waste management, water, and transportation, and education. This ranking is one of the university’s efforts in promoting sustainability in campuses and also in involving stakeholders in any kind of effort to create a sustainable environment. This program was launched in 2010 and has been conducted four times, ranked ... Read More...

Wagdy Sawahel

Arab states lag behind in 'green' campuses

Published By admin ON 16 May 2014

Wagdy Sawahel on

The Arab world has been late to join the ?green? universities movement, which strives for lower emissions and less water consumption. Only 12 out of about 500 universities implement environmentally friendly policies and programmes to reduce their carbon emissions and help to combat global climate change.

This is the conclusion of the recent?UI?GreenMetric World University Ranking which reflects the efforts made by 301 universities located in 49 countries in US, Europe, Asia and Africa to become sustainable.

The universities ranking criteria include baseline information such as the size of the university, spatially and in terms of population, the ... Read More...