Result of Greenmetric Ranking 2013


Letter for University Leader from Rector of UI

Subject: UI GreenMetric World University Ranking 2011

Dear Respected Colleague,

In 2010, Universitas Indonesia has spearheaded an initiative to create an online ‘green' ranking for world universities which received outstanding responses from universities in 35 countries in the world. The first year was a great success with close to a hundred universities taking part in this ranking.  The ranking, UI GreenMetric World University Ranking, was based on information provided by universities around the world on criteria that demonstrate commitment to going green and sustainability, such as space, energy efficiency, water use, and transport and so on.

Shortly, we will be launching our new, revised and improved ranking system that measures campus sustainability. We have made some improvements due to some comments, suggestions and support from others last year. As a result, we have established an independent multi-disciplinary committee of experts to critically review the methodology and provide suggestions to make the ranking more useful to more people. Although comments about the methodology were largely favorable, a few issues that came up as we thought worth addressing as soon as possible. The first of these was about validity and the second was the need to make the presentation of data more flexible. Other than this, people want to know more about the methodology while others reported some confusion over the wording of one or two questions. Our small team has been working hard to address these issues and make the necessary changes wherever possible.

This year, we would like to invite you to join with us as a partner in this endeavor by submitting some numerical information related to ‘greenness' and sustainability for your university. The information you provide will be used to create a numerical ‘greenness' score for your institution that can be used to compare it with other universities around the world.

We are especially encouraged to see the ranking system get more attention on websites and in news reports. Apart from this, we see the potential of the websites as a hub for a world-wide community of campuses to share their stories on their journey towards sustainability. We also have seen the idea of a ranking system take its own momentum and even start to influence practice. On our campus we are now putting in place policies that will govern the various areas that to go to make up an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of university management.  The resulting sets of rankings will, it is hoped, help promote awareness of the importance of sustainability and help to bring about change in the way we use energy, water and other resources. We believe that universities can provide an example by their actions to face global warming issues, by putting in place environmentally friendly policies, carbon management plan, energy management plan as well promoting reuse, reduce, recycle.

Our aim from the beginning has been to reach beyond national or regional boundaries and encourage participation from all around the world including universities from developing countries. While scientific validity and reliability are ever present concerns, we wanted the process of gathering and providing data to be as easy as possible. We continue to hold these principles and believe that this year's version of the questionnaire and our methodology, while basically the same as last year, has been improved in small but important ways.

Submitting the information is relatively simple and not time consuming. Submission of can be done by filling in the online questionnaire which can be accessed at: http://greenmetric.ui.ac.id

Otherwise you could also respond by emailing the questionnaire's answers to greenmetric@ui.ac.id and contact Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari. The period for submission of data from universities will close on 15 October 2011 and the results of the ranking will be announced in the end of November.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your participation. Please do join this worthwhile effort. As more people know about it, and the number of universities grows, it will be possible to display the results selectively to compare your own performance not just on a single, but with other universities which share characteristics with your own.

Thank you for your time and your cooperation.

Best wishes from Jakarta


Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. der Soz. Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri