Result of Greenmetric Ranking 2013


Purposes and Goals of Ranking

  1. Assessment of  the current condition on Green Campus, electricity usage, energy, water, transportation.
    The current objective of the UI Green Metric Ranking is to promote effort for sustainability by universities, evaluate the commitment to combat climate change, encourage the use of energy efficient  appliances, conserve water and energy  using eco-technic tools, enforce the use of environmentally friendly transportation method, as well as to reduce  the carbon footprint.
  2. Ranking purpose and intended groups.
    UI Green Metric World University Ranking measure the university effort to keep the environment  green and sustainable. The intended group for the Ranking online survey are the university leaders. We will also contacted some faculty members as peer reviewers for other university condition, if time permitted. We encourage universities to provide sustainability websites as an important tools to inform, to draw attention, and  to change academic stakeholders behavior and obtain performance indicators to be the base of the ranking.\
  3. Information sources
    We also collect some information of the institution from the web, in  addition to online survey result filled in by university leaders. Some effort to invite peer review from academic staff in different universities to rank other universities according to their experience during their visit or encounter to World Universities will be conducted.